Friday, October 18, 2019

Border security issues (week 6) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Border security issues (week 6) - Essay Example There is a systemic technique of impunity at the state and local levels where the anti-press crimes are under investigation (Lauria, O’Connor, Campbell & Barbeito, 2010). The report by Lauria, O’Connor, Campbell and Barbeito (2010), shows that the US-Mexico border is not only unsafe for journalists, but for citizens. The special report found out that the police and justice system do not uphold the law in cases concerning crimes by cartels. Mexico’s current President Enrique Peà ±a Nieto, continues use of the military to combat drug lords’ activities, which is not the best method to eliminate threats made to journalists from drug cartels. Politicians from United Stated and Mexico can take several measures to fix the broken immigration systems. It is still possible, even when a vacuum of truth exists since some of the officials in both governments may know those who operate the drug cartels. The problem is that there is no transparency if it is only one government that deals with a broken immigration system. However, if the two governments increased their collaboration between each other to curtail border insecurity against the cartels they would fix the immigration system easily. Nevertheless, these calculated measures would be useless if the general population is not involved. Drug cartels operate successfully when both sides are not in good terms because if there are legal consequences in one state, the drug lords cross the border to the other state and continue with their criminal activities. Therefore, if politicians from both states would collaborate on drug policy implementation and other viable strategies, it would be easier to fix the broken immigration system. Meyer, M. (2013). Mexico’s new military police force: the continued militarization of public security in Mexico. The Washington Office on Latin America,

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