Friday, October 18, 2019

Conference Moderator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Conference Moderator - Essay Example People do everything in both cases-people stock the shelves, prepare the food, serve the food, help customers, man the cash registers and sweep the floor in 2003 just like they did in 1950. It's the same on any construction site. In 1950, guys with circular saws and hammers built houses. Today it is guys with circular saws and nail guns. No big difference. An airport in 1950 and an airport today are nearly identical. People take your tickets, handle the baggage, maintain the planes, and pilot them in both cases. Coney Island in 1950 looks like any amusement park today, with people operating the rides, selling the concessions and keeping the park clean. The point of the above passage is that certain industries will likely never be replaced by robots or technology alone. Despite all of the technological innovations that have taken place in the latter half of the past century, there are still a lot of jobs that are largely unaffected by automation. These are often called people-powered industries. Perhaps the most astonishing part is that these types of jobs make up over one-half of the jobs in America (Brain, Robots in 2015, 2008).

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