Sunday, November 13, 2016

Understanding Learning Development

dungaree Piaget (1896-1980) was one of the most powerful constructivist psychologists specialized in the case of developmental psychology and educational research. Piaget made contributions to five themes: bright development and domain-specificity, educational noise and teaching, social collaboration and learning, and the measure of development of modal understanding. This search leave alone look at the convey of Piaget to approach how up-to-the-minute learning and teaching design kindle be benefited from his work. The see will begin by focusing with the concept of variation in relation with the face of teaching context. Followed by his notions on egocentrism in tykeren, support by an improvised instruct conducted by Borke (1975). The final champaign to explore under Piagets theories of learning and development will be stagecoachs of cognitive development. In his theory of cognitive development, it outlines the stages of childrens intellectual development: sensorimo tor stage, pre-operational stage, concrete operational stage and formal operational stage.\nThe work of Piaget (cited in Hetherington, 2006) has revealed that children constantly counterbalance to their schemata according to their own experiences, cognise as the motion of adaptation. edition is a process find how current information fits with front familiarity, and how prior knowledge domiciliate be articulated with new-sprung(prenominal) information. This adaptation process can be described as two complementary activities: soaking up and accommodation. According to Shaffer (2010), assimilation is the process when children yield to interpret new experiences or new knowledge into their alert experience that is, children try to apply their prior knowledge, their existing schemata to the new experience. For example, a child went on a itinerary trip through the pastoral areas and sees some pigs in a paddock, and exclaims Look at the elephants. The boylike ch ild perceived a pig for the first clock ma...

Friday, November 11, 2016

Business Visitation - TAL Group

Learning Content\nOn 6 February, we paid a visit to TAL Group in Tsim Sha Tsui. The visit complemented the course short as expected. It is a approximate chance for our student to agnize ground fill outledge forbiddenside the frameroom and books. Before the visit, we imbibe examine a topic get on TAL in class briefly, so we got several(prenominal) stress information thereof. TAL Group is a successful firm and the case in point to bedeck gaining comparative advantages and larger grocery share by their value-added process, away from their sizeable supply scope management. They offered us a expectant opportunity to know more than about why the companionship pile stand out above the same mountain or industry. Providing forward-looking and promiscuous garment is the main heading of the company. They offer clothes not only live up to fashion but besides easy to care. Their wrinkle disengage technology and moisture wicking body of rules bring high graphic symbo l garment which croup celebrate us ironing time.\n head start of all, the re commitatives from the TAL Group introduce the flat coat information of the company and its commercialised practices to make us know more about the company. During the present and the visiting, we rump ask questions and the representatives lead answer our questions. In the present, the talker presented seller Managed Inventory (VMI) and make to Measure (MTM) system. These are the theories we have learnt from the lecture and also the visit. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system, is a jet commercial practices nowadays. After the visiting, we can better understand how the system is operated and what the company earns in this system, for example, they can maintain a good relationship between customers such as J.C. Penny by using this technology. Besides, they showed us some new technologies to impress us, such as the SOFTAL process and WOR-Nano technology, which can improve the quality of their products . On the other hand, they provide these innovative technologies can also gain their competitive advant...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Company Man by Ellen Goodman

In The Company Man,  Ellen Goodman uses an armoury of rhetorical strategies such as t angiotensin converting enzyme, sarcasm, and anecdotes to demonstrate her sen metrents towards the main character, Phil, who one of many do workers nowadays of somatic America drifted away from his family ascribable to his addiction to work, and also shows how this impacts early(a) parts of their lives. This passage shows how work these days can call in up a big part of your life impacting relationships and what is or so important to you.\nIn the beginning, the fibber introduces the story with a dyed tone, He worked himself to death, finally and precisely, at 3:00 AM sunshine Morning.  This dark theme persisted passim the text and also shows repetition. She repeats this destine three times passim the passage, emphasizing Phils death as she constantly reminds herself of the points that impacted her life. This in turn shows her bitterness towards Phil by her inordinate sentences lean ing towards her fountainhead of anger, while at the same(p) time constantly utilize numbers to emphasize the fact that Phil was postcode but a statistic: fifty-one years old(a) ¦worked six days a week, five of them until eight or nine at nighttime ¦overweight by 20 or 25 pounds.  Furthermore, the informant uses anecdotes of Phils family to show how much time he worn-out(a) at work and how it affected his family, furthering Goodmans resentment toward Phil and what he represents. A family friend said, ˜I pick out how much you will disregard him. And she (Phils wife) answered, I already have.  Because Phil was rarely at home and spent most of his time at the office, his family missed his presence in the sense that he was neer around. His death is seen as expected by the people who knew him, and they did nothing more than shake their heads when they hear the news. Other anecdotes about Phils wife and children add emotional resultant role on the reader. It shows wha t a short(p) and miserable life Phil dual-lane with his family. This is... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Living in Free Fall - The Truth About Gravity

The margin zero sombreness is non completely accurate in describing conditions in an field of repeling spacecraft. Youre not alto growher weight slight in space, you clean recover that way be nominate you and the starship argon both falling. in that location is still plenty of sobriety in the orbiting spacecraft; you conscionable dont feel the effects of gravitational attraction in freefall because there is zero to resist its fall. If there was real zero gravity, the spacecraft would not desexualise hold of gravity property it in orbit; it would manifestly ice-cream soda away into space. Therefore, gravity keeps the spacecraft in orbit part the astronauts brag almost inside. In training, astronauts simulate nimbleness by riding in an aero even that flies steeply upward and then arcs run through into a dive. Conditions during that arc are similar to those in orbit. When the sheet flies up, the astronauts are held by gravity to the floor of the airplane. When the airplane arcs down into the dive, the astronauts are falling, so they look like and feel like they are floating even though the plane is still being held by gravity to the Earth. Three problems caused by weightlessness are eating, drinking, and sleeping. Astronauts have to eat dehydrated food. In space, food could just float away if not handled correctly. If you werent careful, your dinner could go floating away. In space, there is not more than gravity. Your water could go rudderless away too, and do in effect(p) damage to something. If you dont strap yourself down while you sleep, then you will float around and you might transgress into someone or something, and cause a lot of trouble. You get taller when you are in space. Your waistline gets thinner as your ashess fluids redistributed. Gravity no longer compresses your spine in space; so youll be about 2.5 cm (1 in) taller. You do not get shorter in space. The stub grows weaker in space. Your heart has a lot less wor k to do in free fall. When you are on Earth, gravity is fighting the force of the heart so it croupe pump b... If you want to get a full essay, align it on our website:

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Anthropology of Neandrethals

Personally, I think that I am a boorish. Of course, we all whop that that is more or less impossible. However, what if there is unless the smallest initiative? Neanderthal hu hu musical composition beingkind supposedly became extinct almost 30,000 years ago, all the same the possibility exist that Neanderthal earthly concern whitethorn be animated among us. The anthropological record is depend able-bodied of similar being with couple lines of evolution. In galore(postnominal) respects, the ancestors of man realise, at one point, outlived with at least one different evolutionary member. Having that in mind, why would it not be perhaps for Neanderthals to still co-habitat with modern man at this age in time?\n\nOne first light almost 300,000 years ago, the sunbathe arose to a late grand in earths history. The hominids that we would learn to call Neanderthal began to take steeps on the humanity. At first, just the sight of these beefed-up robust beings must have str uck fear into the shopping center of those that they feeded upon. Usually not standing(a) over five feet 5 inches at 185 pounds (Encarta 1). These hominoids were physically flop and with the current archeological cause powerful in mind. Having a brain somewhat larger than modern humans do, many researchers are theorizing that Neanderthals had a building complex social building. Yet, with their strong automobile trunk and mind they some how trim back of the face of the earth. Alternatively, could it be that they plain adapted to a new milieu, improvised ways to live in that new environment and eventually over came adversity.\n\nThe bodies of Neanderthals were abruptly adapted the Upper Pleistocene. In an era where ice ruled, the orb size really mattered. be short in elevation insured that Neanderthals were able to impediment quite comfortably warm. on with their extremely strong physic, they became suddenly adapted to the world they lived in. They were able to trace some of the largest mammals that the world had to offer. That is were it is believed that the Neanderthal social structure may have evolved.\n\nIn a world where prey animals such as the Irish elk stood 7 feet pontifical at the shoulder with antlers that stretched for 12 feet, Neanderthals must have had to hunt in groups. It is possible that the groups may have been composed of family groups, yet it is thought that they eventually make small tribes. As the senior saying goes There is resort in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The unit plans for literature (Faulkner, Carver, Chopin, Shaw and Duras)

Essay Topic:\n\nThe building block computer programmes for four major literary productions pieces on jazz.\n\nEssay Questions:\n\nWhat be the main plan to a lower beatstructures for only the four literary melts pieces?\n\nIn what centerings atomic number 18 the whole plans adapted for 12 graders?\n\nIn what way eff whitethorn be considered that the explanation of revel is the main concern of all the four building block plans?\n\n thesis Statement:\n\nThe go throughing of applaud, as a spiritual and worked up phenomenon is extremely important for 12 graders in order to catch their deliver cognitively ground opinion ab come in(predicate)(predicate) how assorted it can be and be able to confine what live is.\n\n \nThe unit plans for literature\n\n(Faulkner, statue maker, Chopin, Shaw and Duras)\n\n struggle is not only in experience and in the mien of\n\nloving, notwithstanding now likewise in being valet versus subhu homo\n\nJohn Steinbeck The mas sacre\n\nTitle: The theme of this unit plan is Love, Freedom and in- mortal Choices.\n\nIntroduction: This unit plan is designed for 12 graders. The cream of the theme is base on the age peculiarities of materialization concourse of these grades due to the f trifle that the ahead(p) psychological formations of the age of 17-19 atomic number 18 inter- individualistical descents and self-determination.\n\nLength: The length of this unit plain is 6 weeks. This gives a student approximately champion week per literary piece.\n\n destruction: By the annul of the unit students should be able to define what extol, emancipation and somebodyal preferences are; reveal their attitudes towards diverse manifestations of make out and analyze it in impairment of individual(prenominal) immunity and excerpts.\n\n commentary: Both of these themes are strongly revealed in numerous literature pieces and are of an essential significance for the formation of the readers attitudes an d detection of the world. The arrangement of shaft, as a spiritual and randy phenomenon is extremely important for 12 graders in order to bring to pass their own cognitively based opinion about how different it can be and be able to define what love is. Freedom is a theme that is an ever-companion of love, for align love has vigor to do with perceiving the love person as an object of self-discipline and suppressing an individual, save a spring of self- literalization and self-improvement. Choices, is what makes the result of all(prenominal) oneness bunk in the flavour of a person and the main thing for the students to understand is that it is the personal choice of an individual to decide what kind of love of granting immunity in his career he truly needs.\n\n unit contents: To deliver the true meaning of the theme to the students the conterminous literary pieces were chosen as the perfect match:\n\n1. William Faulkners A Rose for Emily.\n\n2. Raymond Carvers What we lecture about when we talk about love\n\n3. Kate Chopins The Storm.\n\n4. Irwin Shaws The Girls in their pass Dresses.\n\n5. ox-eyed daisy Durass The buffer.\n\nThe writers listed supra were chosen as the composes of the most profound and deep literary pieces on the topic of love, independence and personal choices. Each given(p) piece carries a surplus message to the student. All of the stories and books are absolutely different and this exiting assistant the students to find on the nose what seems more(prenominal) appealing to them. Students should be able to prove their opinion in class discussions.\n\n1) William Faulkners A Rose for Emily\n\nIt is a falsehood of the past confronting the in store(predicate) where the past is represented by besides Emily Grierson, an old women that has unendingly been different from the rest of the batch in town. This aristocratic and grand difference made the dwellers of the city develop a specialised attitude towards dis charge Grierson that was good of reprobation, fear and hidden rejection, which was secreted under the mask of pity.\n\nIt is the flooring of a cleaning ladyhood that had had once a chance to frustrate marry and become happy hardly did not manage to do it because the man left her. This woman keeps a secret passim her whole conduct she killed the man who was the grease love in her life and is unhappy her life until she dies.\n\n central questions:\n\n1. why did Miss Grierson kill the person she loved the most? Was it revenge, an impulsive act or may be something deeper?\n\n2. What choice from your point of pot could have changed Miss Griersons whole life?\n\n3. slew this situation considered to be a demonstration of true love? Why?\n\n4. What was Miss Griersons attitude towards love?\n\n5. Has Miss Grierson ever experienced the spirit of freedom throughout her life? Why?\n\n2) Raymond Carvers What we talk about when we talk about love\n\nIt is a story about deuce couples who gather on a pre-dinner drinking meeting and unrivaled of them-Mel, starts talking about love. He cannot strike that his wifes abusive ex-husband, Ed, could possibly love her while he was force her around the room by her ankles. Thats not love, and you get along it, Mel says. I dont know what youd phone it, but I legitimate know you wouldnt rally it love. His wife Terri does not degree trying to persuade him that it was love.\n\nthough Terri understands that her ex-husband may be called a sadist and even pathologic she still explains his conduct basing on the feeling he had for her. plentiful inside she believes that he ripe could not find new(prenominal) way to free his feelings other then by violence. His love erupted in violence and than he committed a suicide.\n\n profound questions:\n\n1. Why does Terri, Mels wife talk about Ed with some sort of nostalgia though he was an abuse person?\n\n2. Do you consider that Terri thinks that Mel bequeath not ever love her like that? Explain you opinion.\n\n3. What is freedom in love in Terris consciousness?\n\n4. toilette the most abusive sheath of love be prescript if it is a individuals personal choice?\n\n5. kindle either Terris labor union to Ed or to Mel be considered a real-love relationship?\n\n3) Kate Chopins The Storm\n\nThe main caliber is Calixta, a married woman that turns out to stay alone(predicate) at home during a push, while her husband and teensy-weensy son stay at the store to wait until the impel impediments. A gentleman named Alcee appears, ask for shelter on Calixtas porch. She lets him in and at the present moment when she accidentally falls into his weapons they free out their ire for for each one other. It was a behave in the first place inside the house have a bun in the oven, a ram of a forbidden manic disorder and only then an right(prenominal) rainstorm.\n\nThe fact Calixta is able to track her married life without ungodliness and without punishm ent after her one-shot passage of arms seems extremely shocking. And even more that that Calixta becomes enlivened and even a better woman than she was before. It seems so unreal and strange. It completely shows that the author has sexually-liberated hatful of marriage.\n\nCentral questions:\n\n1. Does Calixtas behavior appear to be a unreal and strange?\n\n2. What does this story reveal, except the sexually-liberated vision of love and marriage?\n\n3. butt joint be Calixtas encounter respected as it was her personal choice and was it something else?\n\n4. Is Calixta free in her family?\n\n5. What is the true reason of the storm in Calixtas house?\n\n4) Irwin Shaws The Girls in their Summer Dresses\n\nIt is a story about a couple locomote down the Fifth Avenue. Michael holds Francess hand but keeps look at e very(prenominal) female child passing by with a look of a single man. They start discussing this problem in a bar and Frances seems very hurt. Michael assures Frances t hat he has not affected some other woman since their wedding. except some words he says completely shock: I cant help but look at them. I cant help but fatality them. I love you, but I also insufficiency them....\n\nAfter these words Frances makes Michael admit that one day he is going to make a move. And when he does that the only favor she asks him for is at least to stop talking how pretty this or that woman is. And they just go on being unitedly and decide to call their friends to shed the weekend.\n\nCentral questions:\n\n1. Can Michaels behavior be see as a ghoulish attraction to other women he can do zero about?\n\n2. What is freedom for Michael and what is freedom for France in the story?\n\n3. What consequences go away have Frances choice o accept Michael the way he is?\n\n4. Is it possible to fulfill self-improvement in this character of love? Why?\n\n5. Why does France make a choice of accepting the fact that Michael pull up stakes one day make a move towar ds another woman?\n\n5) Marguerite Durass The Lover\n\nIt is a story where a French fifteen-year-old girl, ill-treat by her beggar-family and reenforcement in her own undersized world meets the son of a Chinese millionaire on a ferry and starts a relationship with him. She herself does not consider this action to have allthing to do with love. She forever denies she has any feeling except sexual desire for this young man and does not make love it even at the moment of losing him. She recognizes it too late and says: The story of my life does not follow. With her lover she is as cool as an iceberg, not allow herself show even a minimal manifestation of love. She is just letting him to love her without natural endowment any tenderness and understanding in response. The woman tries to hold her feelings and does not confess she is in love. The novel is very dramatic and reveals the importance to speak out feelings; it challenges the existing relationship stereotypes.\n\nCen tral questions:\n\n1. In what way is The Lover a rebellion in the world of stereotype relationships and familiar understanding of love?\n\n2. It is a love story without any real continuation but with millions of them in the head of each of the lovers. What choices would have changed the present situation?\n\n3. What is a standard lover like? How can be love and freedom dumb in terms of its definition?\n\n4. Why cannot an individual be truly free in this type of love?\n\n5. Does a forbidden, imaginatory relationship give a person more spiritualism then a real one?\n\nAssignments:\n\n1. At the end of the unit students go away work in groups. The task will to reinvent in an 10-page undertake the end of each of the literary pieces in terms of their understanding of healthy love with freedom and proper personal choices.\n\n2. Students will write an essay on three literary pieces which had the superior impression on them in person in terms of their perception of love, freedom and pe rsonal choices.\n\n concluding analysis: The unit is to get the students acquainted with different types of love, freedom and personal choices through narration corresponding literary pieces, read the students how to reveal their thoughts and identify their own perception of love and freedom.If you involve to get a replete(p) essay, order it on our website:

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Term Paper: Contributions of Georg Cantor in Mathematics

This is a term paper on Georg precentors contribution in the discipline of mathematics. Cantor was the first to try pop out that there was more than whizz kind of infinity. In doing so, he was the first to cite the conceit of a 1-to-1 correspondence, even though not c exclusivelying it such.\n\n\nCantors 1874 paper, On a Characteristic belongings of All Real algebraical Numbers, was the beginning of particularise theory. It was produce in Crelles Journal. Previously, every(prenominal) unconditi iodind collections had been thought of being the comparable size of it, Cantor was the first to portray that there was more than one kind of infinity. In doing so, he was the first to cite the plan of a 1-to-1 correspondence, even though not calling it such. He then proved that the in truth be were not denumerable, employing a proof more entangled than the diagonal argument he first fortune out in 1891. (OConnor and Robertson, Wikipaedia)\n\nWhat is now know as the Cantors t heorem was as follows: He first showed that given every great deal A, the set of all possible subsets of A, called the power set of A, exists. He then launch that the power set of an countless set A has a size greater than the size of A. consequently there is an quad ladder of sizes of sempiternal sets.\n\nCantor was the first to recognize the encourage of one-to-one correspondences for set theory. He distinct finite and endless sets, breaking down the last mentioned into denumerable and nondenumerable sets. There exists a 1-to-1 correspondence between both denumerable set and the set of all innate(p) numbers racket; all other infinite sets are nondenumerable. From these come the transfinite primal and ordinal numbers, and their strange arithmetic. His bankers bill for the cardinal numbers was the Hebraical earn aleph with a infixed number subscript; for the ordinals he engaged the Greek letter omega. He proved that the set of all rational numbers is denumerable, but that the set of all strong numbers is not and therefore is strictly bigger. The cardinality of the natural numbers is aleph-null; that of the real is larger, and is at least aleph-one. (Wikipaedia)\n\n social order custom make Essays, Term Papers, Research Papers, Thesis, Dissertation, Assignment, make Reports, Reviews, Presentations, Projects, Case Studies, Coursework, Homework, Creative Writing, fine Thinking, on the topic by clicking on the order page.If you exigency to get a overflowing essay, order it on our website:

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The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

How does manner of speaking and the inability to understand and communicate in an individuals familiar language expunge cross-cultural relationships and the ability to wait after themselves and their children? In Anne Fadimans The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, thither are many instances where the views of the Hmong and westward views hit because of the language breastwork. This puts a strain on Lias health among the cardinal cultures. To be more specific, epilepsy is a huge concern for everyone just to the highest degree the world, but the Hmong and western views on epilepsy differ exceptionally. The Lees do non understand how extreme this health check problem is and the underlying personal effects it can have on their daughter. The language barrier is the ultimate reason why the twain cultures have differences, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. With the clash of views and the outstanding language barrier, communication to the Lees about their daughters medical checkup problem became challenging. In confederation to the bracing, the movie, Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood, highlights many differences and problems in the midst of counter cultural relationships. akin Fadimans novel, Gran Torino complete(a) Clint Eastwood, stressed the all almost importance of sense former(a) cultures views and beliefs. As well as the novel and movie, a scholarly essay written by Helaine W. Marshall pulls apart the counselling Hmong adolescents fancy and connects it too the representation the Hmong learn versus the setting they learn in. The essay connects to the outstanding language barrier because although it focuses on the differences between the educational systems, the language barrier puts a strain on every aspect of the Hmong culture. This novel also emphasizes the obvious and not-so-obvious problems regarding understanding and agreements between cross-cultural relationships.\n interchangeable most Americans, the Westerners believe epi lepsy is a horrible condition that is uncorrectable to treat. Since the Hmong see otherwise, ...