Saturday, October 19, 2019

Acquisition or Merger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Acquisition or Merger - Essay Example Sony and Sony Ericsson entered into a merger where Sony acquired stake of the Ericsson. The merger would see the two companies combine forces in technology in order to be competitive in the telecommunication sector (Schemerhorn 218). The Sony revolution began in 1946 after the establishment of the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation in Nihonbashi in Tokyo. To embark on research and invention of telecommunication devices, 190,000 yen was set aside as the starting capital. It was during this period that two devices were invented, Magnetic tape and first tape recorder. This showed a new beginning for the company, and it was after that it was branded the name Sony Corporation. After this advancement, the company afterwards invented the first portable television which led to the establishment of Sony Corporation of America in the United States (Schemerhorn 18).   A great improvement occurred for Sony over the decades, and numerous inventions were made among them being the invention of the Triton color television system which saw it get the initial Emmy award. In attendance, invention of the world’s original compact disc player as well as the Columbia pictures entertainment which was then renamed as Sony Pictures Entertainment in the year 1991. The company remained strong and prosperous following the wise strategies of management that was utilized. Sony worked together with Google to achieve its business goals in the sale of the cellular phone which saw Sony achieve affluent merchandising. Moreover, Sony was able to expand its area of connectivity. Both companies were to benefit from the partnership. Many would have thought that maybe the company was getting weak, but the Chairman of the company argued that the partnership was to help Sony achieve its market objectives. From then henceforth, Sony realized great market from all over the globe making it a strong independent company before merging with Sony Ericsson

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