Sunday, August 11, 2019

Expert Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Expert Systems - Essay Example As its name indicates, expert systems are used to perform specific tasks which involve the knowledge and skills of experts. At the present, expert systems have become very important for the majority of business organizations. In fact, they are currently being used in every walk of business organization. Expert systems are used to perform different operations in different organizations. This paper presents a detailed analysis of expert systems. This paper discusses the advantages, disadvantages and evolution of expert systems. This paper also discusses the examples of earlier and latest expert systems. Definition and Description of an Expert system Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for more than fifty years, it has been just recently that a lot of organizations all over the world are beginning to utilize AI based tools and applications to help them become more competitive in the ever-increasing competitive world. In the past few years, AI has been rapidly turning i nto an imperative technology and there is at this time an explosion of interest centering on this field. In fact, both industries and educational institutes are assigning more resources than ever before to AI. Basically, the artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging trend and it consists of a lot of sub domains such as game-playing systems, vision systems, computer-aided instruction, natural language translation, voice synthesis and recognition, robotics, and expert systems. Expert systems are possibly the fastest progressing sub domain of AI (Schon & Helferich, 1989). Expert systems are acknowledged as a significant subject of artificial intelligence. Basically, an expert system offers a method to collect and transform the knowledge of experts. The expert system consists of computer programs that try to be like the way people think. The history of expert systems can be traced back to over twenty years ago in the labs of Stanford University where it was first used to help make a dia gnosis of infectious blood diseases. In fact, since that time expert systems have been using into almost every walk of life that involves human knowledge and judgment. In addition, the expert systems are normally based on three most important elements: the clarification generator and user interface, the inference engine, and the knowledge base. Additionally, in the beginning while using expert systems at Stanford, the knowledge base encompassed medical "rules" to demonstrate IF-THEN conditions and statements with a related confidence factor. The example of this rule can be like this, IF the patient is diagnosed with symptom A AND symptom B THEN the result/disease is X, and confidence is Y%. If the patient is diagnosed with symptom C, then this rule would not even be applicable. Moreover, the decision regarding the selection of the rules is made automatically by the inference engine (MoreBusiness, 1998). In simple words, â€Å"an expert system is an information system that collects and stores the expertise of human experts and then reproduces

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