Saturday, August 10, 2019

Organizational Diagnosis in MBA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organizational Diagnosis in MBA - Assignment Example The survey also found that â€Å"RIMs BlackBerry smartphone was the leading choice in Canada, outpacing the Apple iPhone.† (News 7). Market research firm Comscore Canada gave following important figures from the results of the survey of 5,000 people. The Comscore found that the â€Å"top smartphone platform in Canada was RIM (42 percent), followed by Apple (31 percent) and Android (12.2 percent).† (Paul Sakuma 7) The Associated Press reported in USA TODAY that the â€Å"Palm sales figures showed it's having a difficult time getting consumers to pay attention to its phones in a market dominated by iPhones and BlackBerrys. The company shipped 960,000 smartphones to stores and distributors in the quarter that ended Feb. 26, 23% more than in the previous quarter. However, the number of phones that were actually bought by consumers was 408,000, down 29% from the previous quarter. By comparison, Apple sold 8.7 million iPhones in its most recent quarter.†(Svenson 8) The product and services of Palm Inc. were revised last year by introducing a new phone operating system, webOS. Its the basis for a new line of phones, led by the Pre, that have won critical praise but haven't turned the company's fortunes around. A reinforcing loop is â€Å"one in which an action produces a result which influences more of the same action thus resulting in growth or decline. The reinforcing loop is one of the two foundational structures of systems thinking, the other being the Balancing Loop.† (Bellinger 7) The reinforcing loop of Palm Inc. illustrated in figure 1 show that uncompetitive products are returned back with the diminishing sale. The major line of products of Palm Inc. is smartphones which have a tough competition with Apple iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry and now Google’s Android. â€Å"Some analysts have said the window of opportunity for Palm may be closing."

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