Sunday, August 11, 2019

Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 14

Case Study Example This can be attained well through the gathering of information from the various departments, evaluating it and ensuring a consultative decision and communicates in good time through the use the best communication method that is not prone to distortion. Having this in place, the business is good to go and the manager only comes in to monitor internal as well as external factors that threaten the progress of the business and to give a way forward to curb them effectively. As a manager, Bill has all these power to execute to show his effectiveness in managerial skills in his new post. An organization cannot move forward without people working together to achieve the set goals and objectives. High employee turnover can greatly affect businesses and can lead to low productivity levels. Under-motivated employees tend to be unhappy with their job. They always feel overworked, under-appreciated and poorly paid and in turn. These can eventually lead to negative attitude and behavior towards work like those that were witnessed in Sally at her place of work. For the management to tactfully deal with her case, she should be informed of the organization’s mission and target to be achieved in the best way through the use of better communication skills to avoid misconception of the management’s intention. She should be given a brief job description to help her know what is expected of her and what she is accountable of. Sally should get motivated by simply being allowed to contribute and bring new ideas for improvement to the table and to have input in the whol e process. This brings a sense of ownership in the business. She should get enrichment in form of skill-building and training through workshops to let her work independently with less supervision. For Bill to prove performance, he should focus on the workforce productivity that ensures that employees work more efficiently and effectively to have the

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