Monday, August 12, 2019

Research Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Research Critique - Essay Example As seen from the introduction, the clinical problem being investigated is preeclampsia. The researchers are interested in knowing whether the disease affects women in their first pregnancy more than others. The researchers undertake this research knowing that it is true that the disease is common among the first pregnancies. However, they argue that the assumption in favor of this research can be strengthened by the fact that more women decide not to give birth after undergoing through first time preeclampsia. Therefore, the researchers conduct their researches on the same topic while considering that many people refuse to give birth to their second child because of problems related to preeclampsia during the first pregnancy. One of the reasons for conducting this research is related to high risks associated with the disease, as explained earlier. Other reasons such as clarification and information increase have also been a motivating factor in conducting a research in these areas (H ernà ¡ndez-Dà ­az, Toh & Cnattingius, 2009). Although the researchers have not ostensibly outlined the research question, it is possible to outline the main questions for the research. The question is preeclampsia still common among women during their first time pregnancies even with the researchers’ knowledge that most do not engage in second time conception recreation after going through difficulties related to preeclampsia. Through the question deduction, one cannot help but note the strong relationship between the question and the purpose of the research study areas (Hernà ¡ndez-Dà ­az, Toh & Cnattingius, 2009). The main research method used is the mixed research approach, which is appropriate in this content as there is a need to explain the problem in its context. In addition, there is a need for using quantitative research method in presenting data obtained and in measuring the relationship among variables.

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