Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Unmet needs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Unmet needs - Essay typesetters caseHSV-2 has a higher bracket since it incorporates those mingled with 20% and 80%. HSV-2 is common between women than in men. In the USA, the HSV-2 viruses are prevalent among black people than the whites and the Latinos. This virus only affects the humans. This is through with(predicate) close personal contact. The infections occur through inoculation of the virus into susceptible mucosal surfaces. This will causa the viruses to thrive under room temperatures thereby causing drying.The unmet need associated with the unhealthiness is that the checkup practitioners have non been able to identify a cure and a permanent way to eradicate the sickness. This has caused continued despicable from infected people. In this disease state presentation, I have an idea that can help the cabaret eradicate the disease completely. The idea is to encourage the society to use the product that we are going to develop. This is the peck production of rubber-ba se paint condoms. Latex condoms have been proven scientifically to minimize the exposure of the genital organs during sexual activities. Sexual activities are the main cause of herpes. Secondly, I have devised a specific glove, the latex glove. This will be used when inserting the hand in an oral cavity. Thirdly, I have developed other idea of anti-viral therapy that is going to be used to reduce episodes of asymptomatic viral shedding (Leslie and Robbins 8).The second disease state that am going to look at is arthritis. This is a disease state with minimal disease action during ant rheumatic treatment or a disease state with tenacious nonappearance of medical and radiological ciphers of disease activity deprived of being pickled for a precise time. The causative federal agent for second factor is the absence of autoantibodies. The factors that cause this disease are many. They include heredity. Arthritis is a disease that is normally inherited from

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