Thursday, April 18, 2019

Why Do People Like to Watch Horror Movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Why Do People Like to trip up Horror Movies - Essay ExampleThe experts and scientists stool propounded many theories and models to unravel the reasons as to why deal follow horror movies which obviously are the precursors and harbingers of such seemingly negative emotions, so interesting and riveting. People who do not prefer or like horror movies some successions do wonder as to what makes people be so receptive to the blood and gore inherent in the horror movies? Some mayhap consider the ensure of viewing a horror movie to be positively an excruciating ordeal. No wonder there is something really powerfully inherent in the horror movies that makes people view them. on that point are a range of valid and plausible reasons that could account for the peoples fascination with horror movies, the most striking of them being an avid desire to expose oneself to experiences that go beyond the mundane real life scenarios, a desire to go through and experience the enhanced emotional sen sations that a horror movie facilitates and the gigantic social, personal and psychological relevancy that a good horror movie affiliates to. To a large issue horror movies accrue such a fan following going by the adage that normal is boring. In the current modern civilization, military personnel life is increasingly bring forthting regimented and the individuals and groups pass to be involved in tasks and processes that are regular and repetitive, almost on a daily basis. Consequently, over the time the life gets increasingly boring and the human interest and inclinations do yearn for some sort of experience that is an anomaly, beyond the normal and very unlike the day to day social and individual experiences. Herein lays the relevance of extreme experiences like horror movies. Horror movies enable the viewers to satiate their need for anxious and raw(prenominal) excitement, fulfill their innate urge to go through a roller coaster ride of emotions that are gripping, intense and scary and the yearning to get oneself exposed to such dramatical forms that are replete with violence and horror and tend to blatantly violate the regular social norms in a way that is seldom seen in the material or real life (Weaver III & Tamborini 153). In other words, horror movies cater to the human proneness for the bizarre and the extraordinary. While watching the horror movies on the one side people do get a chance to vicariously engage in something that is positively antisocial, sometimes obscene and violent, while on the other side allowing them to engage in evincing reactions and emotions that are more in consonance with the more tamed and socially relevant abhorrence for the antisocial and the violent (Weaver III & Tamborini 153). Since times immemorial human civilizations have been searching for the ways to escape from the grip of the ordinary and regular. For the Bacchanalians it was the indulgence in unrestrained narcotic pleasures, for the Romans it was the gla diatorial contests, and in the 21st century the answer to the human panache for extraordinary has found its full background signal in the horror movies. Even a cursory perusal of the basic texts of psychology and neural physiology show to the fact that the human personality has an indelible primitive side associated with it. There is a part of the human brain that is old and animalistic in its essence and that responds to the intense or threatening situations by resorting to the mensuration fight or flight mechanisms. In contrast the civilized human brain is more clear-sighted and is not that capable of experiencing such intense emotional highs. For instance when a person sees a roofy lying in the dark, many a times the first human reaction is to mistake the circuit for a snake accompanied by an

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