Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Community College Essay Example for Free

Community College EssayCommunity college is made up of an atmosphere of umpteen di? erent categories. We sire your tradi? onal, untradi? onal, veterans, and single p bents. Some are there to transfer and some to get an associates degree while one of the biggest reasons is because they simply cannot a? ord the university price. John Holt (Three Kinds of Discipline) is very compliable with the categories in a participation college. You need a great deal of discipline to succeed here reality sets in and if you are not disciplined then you provide fail start and waste a lot of money. You willing always make mistakes while being here but learning from those mistakes is what will make you a be*er student. While you a*end you will create a lot of friendships and some(prenominal) kinds of them. Judith Viorst (Friends, Good Friends, and Such Good Friends) you will have your convenience friends, your historical friends, opposite sex friends, and in? mate friends.Your tradi? onal st udents are the students that a*end college right a/er they get out of advanced school or are under the age of 25. untradi? onal students are your students that are above the age of 25 and are a*ending college to move up in their job or just disturbed? ng a career theneeds a type of degree so they go to school. Veterans are a*ending the school to become a higher rank in the military or because they are searching for a new career a/er they 3nish there term.There are also single parents that work a full ? me who a*end the school at iniquity while there kids are at a babysi*ers house or with a friend they go to be promoted in their job the job sends them to get a degree or they could be a young parent who needs to get credits so that they can get a untroubled job to provide for their family. To be disciplined at college could poten? ally be the most important setting to be a successful student.The reality sets in and students quickly realize they need to discipline themselves to st udy, do homework, and write essays. Discipline of a superior force is another way students can succeed as well. This may help because fear of disappoin? ng an instructor or a parent. A lot of friends will be made as you a*end college you will have di? erent groups of friends as well. You will have your convenience friends who you see as you are wai? ng in between classes and small talk round li*le things some of them you get on with and talk every day and others youll talk with in one case a week and possibly never even get their name.Youhave your historical friends who you have big(a) up with since elementary school and can talk about anything with these are the friends you hand out with out of school with you go out to par? es with, watch spor? ng events and 7at out just decrease out with. You meet some friends that are the opposite sex as you these are the ones who you may rise a li*le too hard to impress or you might get along great with them great you may even become in? m ate friends which is being in a rela? onship with them you could even possibly marry them. These are the categories that make up the atmosphere of community college and the kinds of students that make it up.

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