Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How Does the Individual Influence World Events Essay

How does the single influence world events?Muhammad is the illusionist of the Islam. Islam means submission to the will of Allah. Allah is the one and however(a) and only Islamic God. He taught the Middle Eastern people that Allah was the only God and that all other gods must be abandoned. Muhammad was and still is a highly respected individual that created the largest religion the world has ever seen. The Moslem religion has over a billion and a half followers, which is 25 % of the worlds population. Muhammad claimed that he saw an angel while meditating at a cave. The angel told Muhammad that he was the messenger for God. From that day and on, Muhammad began to spread the joint of Allah.He began to preach at Mecca in 610 but reached minimum success. In 622, a criticized Muhammad left Mecca for Yathrib. To all Islamics, this migration is known as the Hijrah. In Yathrib, Muhammad pull many followers and influenced many people. Yathrib was later named Medina meaning the city o f the prophet. During this time, Muhammad became a military leader. In the year 630, Muhammad and 10,000 of his followers marched into Mecca and caused Meccas leading to surrender. The prophet entered Mecca in triumph. Many Mec rumps pledged their loyalty to Muhammad and converted to Islam.How does the individual influence world events?Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America. Everything he does sets the mood for the spotless world, so much that he is under tremendous pressure. This pressure includes sustentation up to the substitute he promised the world, pleasing his people and fixing the U.Ss un-stable economy. No other semipolitical figure in immediatelys world may be as significant as chair Obama. His decisions and actions affect both people in America and people crosswise the world. For example Obama has sent 50 thousand troops to Afghanistan.This negatively affect his image due to the fact that he promised for change when this action shows no chan ge between him and former president Bush. This also affected the Muslim view on Barack Obama because they thought that he would focus on quietness to a greater extent than war. Due to his race, the world has broken many racial barriers and racial discrimination is not as much a factor as was before. Barack Obama can be labeled as one of the most influential political leaders of all time, even though he has been in righteousness for so little time. This is because of the racial barriers he has broken and the ideas and decisions he both promised and has fulfilled.How does the individual influence world events?The individual can influence todays world in many ways. We can become more involved in the care of the environment by making gauzy decisions that will not drastically change our lifestyles but can change the world. These changes include minimizing the time of showers, shutting off all opens when you are not using them, using renewable energy sources, switching to compact flo rescent light bulbs etc. The individual should educate themselves along with others on how becoming dark-green is the way to go. chinaware for example is making big changes when it comes to helping the environment. China has 50 % of all solar energy panels and is the number 1 maker of wind turbines.

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