Tuesday, March 12, 2019

In the Letter from Charles Lamb to English Romantic Poet

In the earn from Charles Lamb to English romantic poet William Wordsworth, Charles sends a very kind invitation into Cumberland to William. I am asked to analyze the techniques the author (William) uses to decline Charless invitation. The author is trying to inform Charles Lamb that he will not be adapted to stimulate the invitation by using mainly aspect, exposition, pity argument, Figurative speech, roughly description, compliments and past memories to inform Charles that he can not accept the invitation.The author starts by telling Charles that he is honored by the invitation by the quote, With you and your Sister I could gang anywhere. He then gives the bad in the raw that he can not accept the invitation, But I am afraid whether I shall ever be able to afford so desperate a Journey. Therefore the author gives a compliment in front giving the bad news to Charles. The quote, The rooms where I was born.. When I puzzle sunned myself, my old school, -these are my mistress es.The author uses Figurative speech and persuasion to try and change Charles point of view on why he (William) cannot accept the invitation, the author tries to persuade him that he cannot go not because he doesnt want to, but because he cant. The quote, Your sun & lunar month and skies and hills & lakes affect me no more(prenominal), or scarcely come to me in more venerable characters, than as a gilded room with tapestry and tapers, where I might live with handsome visible objects, shows that the author used incarnation and figurative speech.Another technique the author uses is commentary, the author informs, explains, and clarifies his/her ideas and thoughts. The author uses Exposition in the quote, Separate from the pleasure of your company, I dont much care if I never see a mountain in my life. I confuse passed all my days in London, until I have formed as legion(predicate) and intense local attachments, as any of your Mountaineers can have done with dead nature, by writin g to Charles that he cannot go because he has lived almost his whole life in London and do many local attachments that he cannot leave behind.The author writes descriptions of places and people worry tradesmen and costumers and the lighted shops to explain that all those are his memories and only home, he uses Pathos argument and Descriptive writing along with past memories in the quote, The illumine shops of the Strand and Fleet Street, the innumerable trades, tradesmen and customers. all these things work themselves into my mind and open me without a power of satiating me.Through Pathos argument the author uses burni take description, Emotional tone like in the quote, and I often shed tears in the motley Strand from fullness of joy at so much Life, so the Charles can experience what the writer experiences. In conclusion the authors purpose is to inform Charles that he would be honored to go to Cumberland, but cannot because London is his home. He uses many techniques such as persuasion, pathos argument and exposition.

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