Wednesday, March 13, 2019

National Guard troops

The United States is actively protecting its borders from terrorists, drug dealers, and increasingly, Mexicans. I would have said immigrants, in run of Mexicans, but I do non judge this would be tot ally accurate. After all, President Bush recently said that he was displace National Guard troops to the Mexican American border, not all the borders around our country. It is an interesting question how a lot this administration really cares somewhat protecting the borders.One would think that if they were concerned about terrorism as much as they say, and take steps such as tapping domestic telephone set lines, keeping records of phone call of millions of Americans, and actively infiltrating and observing citizen groups that oppose them, because this administration would have militarized the borders long ago. But this has not been the case. It has not been until the beginning of an election year that this has become an issue.Millions of illegal immigrants have been streaming across our borders non-stop since the attacks on the World Trade Center, one would think that this would be the easiest way for any terrorist group to infiltrate the United States. But resolve from this administrations actions thus far, they do not seem to think so. There are many worse people that could easily materialize their way into our country than the average Mexican.The concern about border aegis should not focus on Mexicans, it should focus on terrorists groups that wish to do the country harm. The resources of the spy agencies of the United States should not be focused on American citizens and the imagined threat from eco-terrorists. It should be focused on stopping those individuals that real wish to do this country harm from doing so.

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