Sunday, November 3, 2019

Reasons for Falling of Students Proficiency Rates and the Resource Assignment

Reasons for Falling of Students Proficiency Rates and the Resource Depletion in the Computation of GDP - Assignment Example Also, I think another reason would be that even if federal funds to be allocated are substantially big when it is divided among numerous public schools all over the country, the end amount may be considerably small already. It may be so small that it is already insufficient to have any bearing on the improvement of proficiency rates. To address this, the act intends to focus on those schools that need the funds more. This is the very reason why there are conditions imposed. To increase the funds of schools with satisfactory student proficiency rates would be a waste of resources. It would have the effect of increasing the already high proficiency rate or some, leaving those with low proficiency rates behind. In my opinion, forest resources are to be considered as capital. Trees in the forest provide a lot of benefits, especially in the environment. And I recognize the fact that it is very important to keep a growing forest. However, prior to being cut down, trees cannot be considered as a product.   For me, trees that are still part of the forest cannot be considered as consumption or as an export for the computation of GDP. Nor can they be considered as an investment because there is no spending involved.Hence, if forest resources are capital, its depletion should be considered as depreciation in the capital. "Gross" means that capital depreciation is not considered or subtracted in the equation of GDP. Otherwise, we come up with the Net Domestic Product. As to whether or not an increase in forest resources should be added to GDP, in my opinion, the answer is no. As previously stated, I believe forest reserves are merely capital. As such, decrease or increase in the number of trees in our forest must be considered as a capital loss or gain - which is considered in the computation of NDP, not GDP. I believe that to add it to GDP would cause inaccuracy. The trees, if not cut down would not result in an actual commercial gain.  

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