Friday, November 1, 2019

Develop marketing strategie Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Develop marketing strategie - Coursework Example Is the process of creating products to exist into the mind of the consumers with reference to the competitors? We will create the most comprehensive offering that meets our customers demand and carry out an advertisement to differentiate ourselves from competitors. The company will also create unique brands that influence consumers. This is a marketing strategy that tries to analyze the intended market, nature of the target consumers and how much profit will be generated by the product. The company will offer high quality products relative to the competitors so that consumer’s satisfaction is met. The products will reduce obese among the older generation by minimizing their weights. As a result these ventures would increase revenues for the company (Kaufmann, & Panni, 2013). The company will also establish a direct contact between customers and staffs so that they can air their grievances incase of dissatisfaction and corrective measures taken. Through face to face relationship, consumers are also made to understand the product best that increases their purchasing power hence high profits to the company. The company uses various ways to determine how much will be charged for products as it is one of the key components to the success of our organization. Our products are of high quality than our competitors, having the unique brands in the industry and packaging will be into sizes that suits our consumer’s capabilities. Thus our prices will be relatively affordable to the customers and can compete with the rivals. However, in the long-run the company would maximize its output so that we can enjoy the economies of scale (Kaufmann, & Panni, 2013). This reduces our prices by a bigger percentage and improving our qualities. We will thus have a chance to be the market leaders due to increased revenues. The company offers

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