Sunday, October 6, 2019

Reality Tv Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Reality Tv - Research Paper Example Media plays a great role in keeping the society updated on current issues and entertainment among other benefits to the society, but it can turn to be disastrous when ethical issues are not well considered. Media could promote pornography, propaganda and false/doctored information, which promote culture rot and immorality among other negative societal traits (Kieran, 39). Ethics applies in different areas in the media industry, and each country has established ethical guidelines to guide each media personality depending on the type of interaction he/she have with the audience. Media personalities in their profession must understand the prevailing ethical and legal guidelines in the industry. They act as the eye or mind openers of the society. They are required to inform the society on the current occurrences or happenings in the economical, political, entertainment, religion, Educational, governance and health among other societal issues. The majority of the media personalities are t he role models or mentors to several individuals, more so the teenagers, who are likely to take over media personalities’ dress style, walk style and language among other issues. It would be better if the media personalities consider some ethics in the career to mentor or encourage development of responsible and respective society members. It is worth mentioning that media is among the most complex careers, due to the nature of interaction it has with the public. Everyone is always watching eager to learn the current happenings, any slightest mistake or misconduct may compromise their respect and relationship with the public. News manipulation forms one of the ethical issues in the media industry. It is the omission or alterations of some elements in the news in favors of certain individuals or community. This is common with politics where some political aspirants or leaders may use his/her power or office to influence whatever is being conveyed to the public. Some media comp anies may also manipulate media content on some bribes or tokens by the wealthy and influential political class. Although there is no specific law describing certain consequences to such act, but a company may lose the public trust. Some external stakeholders like advertising companies or agencies may cut their links and deals with such media company. Social researchers more so in developing nations indicate that major civil and international wars have been caused by the manipulation or doctoring of the actual facts. The audience or viewers will have no time to evaluate the news or any other media content but take to the streets and cause havoc. Manipulating the news is more about telling lies to the public and this is demoralizing. Some of the modern media companies do not observe certain international media ethical standards. The advancement of technology implies some life changes like dress code, entertainment as well as relationships among other aspects of human life. Media pers onalities hardly consider their career ethics so long as their audience is entertained or contented. Modern ladies in the media companies wear short and sex appealing uncomfortable dresses to keep the male audience attracted. This may be appealing to the younger generation unlike older adults who appreciate good morals. Media personalit

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