Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Evidence for (or against) water on Mars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evidence for (or against) water on Mars - Essay Example ncluding volcanic activities, presence of polar ice caps and presence of chemical compounds on the Martian surface rocks are all evidences revealing the presence of water in the Mars planet. The planet Mars consists of water, which is in the form of ice. Mars planet has two polar ice caps, which are permanent. During the winter seasons, the Martian pole lies in constant darkness making the surface chill. This contributes to approximately 30 percent of the atmosphere, which is in the form of carbon dioxide ice (dry ice). However, when the sun strikes the poles, the carbon dioxide ice sublimes through sublimation process; thus forming winds that sweep the poles away at a speed of 400km/h (Murdin, 2009). Sublimation is a process of transforming solid substances into the gaseous state without passing through liquid stage. This is because most chemical compounds at normal pressures possess varied temperatures. Most solid substances that contain vapor pressure can sublime at certain temperatures such as water ice, which is below 0Â °C. Ice and snow undergoes sublimation process although at a slow process but below the melting point. This is seen when a wet cloth, which is hu ng outside in a freezing weather and later removed when it is dry. The freezing to drying of the material dehydrates from freezing; thus allowing water to sublime under low pressure. Murdin (2009) argue that water exist on Mars in the form of ice. The Martian surface rocks occur in high latitude areas and are known as permafrost, which is in a freezing state below the 0Â °C. Most permafrost areas are located in high latitudes, and ice is not always present, but they occur due to hydraulic saturation of the bedrock materials. Water vapor is always presented in the ambiance but the permafrost lack liquid water. The present condition of the surface of many planets does no longer support the existence of water in liquid form for a longer period. This is because the atmospheric temperature is too low; thus

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