Friday, July 26, 2019

IT Consultancies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

IT Consultancies - Essay Example This paper reports on information technology consultancies for small and medium enterprises. IT consultancies The small and medium enterprises have embraced information technology developments and have established demand for consultancy services. Some of the enterprises’ consulting services in information technology applications include the following, as are offered by SME consulting services. Web design Customer relationship management Content management system E-commerce Custom application development Design outsource (Sme, 2010) Justifications of the information technology consultancies Application of the consultancies by the enterprises, the derived benefits of the applications as well as the fact that the small and medium enterprises have limited financial capacities to purchase or develop their own applications justifies the need for information technology consultancies. Features of each consultancy however identify specialized justification for each consultancy services . Web design is for instance an essential tool to every organization because of the globalized market that is dominated by the internet technology. Having an organization’s web site is therefore essential to reaching its target stakeholders. The quality of a developed website is also essential to an organization’s target customers as a marketing strategy towards a competitive advantage. Achieving an objective of developing an effective website therefore require expertise knowledge in â€Å"web design,† â€Å"flash and multimedia,† developing sites that have â€Å"interactive sound,† and â€Å"content management system† (Sme, 2010, p. 1). The derived benefits from application of content management system also justify the need for its consultancy services. This is because of its scope that promotes effectiveness and efficacy in data management and management of website pages that is instrumental to forecasting and management of trends for orga nizational decision making, and marketing through exploiting audience’ tastes and attitudes in developing website’s content. Some of the specialized services from content management system include â€Å"professional content designs,† developed potential to adjust information content, search assistance options, and add inns to an organization’s web pages (Sme, 2010, p. 1). Similarly, technological developments towards reliance on the internet also identify the need for business initiatives over the internet. Communication towards agreements for sale of property and transfer of ownership is for example easier and faster over the internet, especially in the globalized market where geographical gap hampers traditional methods of written communication. Achieving the desired communication efficiencies however requires specialized tools that are offered by E-commerce consultancy. The consultancy accords diversified services such as interlinked classes of product s and suppliers, diversified currencies and languages for communication, products evaluation, and feedbacks on the products, services for ordering and paying for commodities, and relevant calculations from transactions. These services’ ability to enhance electronic business transactions therefore justifies the need for the consultancy towards efficiency and effectiveness (Sme, 2010). Customer relationship management is another essential element of an enterprise’s management, and development and application of its model justifies the nee

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