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Birkman Team Strengths Reflection Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Birkman Team Strengths Reflection - Case Study Example This report is prepared with the aim of evaluating the strengths, diversity, motivation factors and effectiveness of a team from the point of view of organizational behavior through the use of the Birkman Assessment framework. Teams are essential components of any organization. The functioning of individual teams in a company adds up to form the total capability of an organization in terms of performance, efficiency and effectiveness. It is essential to capitalize on the diversity, personality and strengths of the teams within a company to ensure that the company is able to attain the maximum possible performance targets. Developing an understanding of the present situations and dynamics of the teams operating within a company can be greatly advantageous for the overall organizational setting and culture and fro developing future organization behavior strategies and solutions within a business. A team consisting of four to six members is selected and analyzed through the use of the organizational focus based on color bars and the interest based grid coordinates developed by the Birkman international Inc. This analysis encompasses an identification and evaluation of the motivations, strengths, weaknesses, diversity as well as the areas of interest and lack within the team. This helps to gauge the effectiveness and capacity of the team to perform in a value adding manner as well as add to the overall capabilities and performance levels of the organization (Gundry, Kickul and Prather, 2004, p.44). An understanding and insight into the different types of factors that directly or indirectly impact the behavior and capability of a team helps a company to promote innovation, foster creativity, improve the organizational performance levels and take suitable business and corporate decisions (Thompson, 2003, pp.96-109). The Birkman’s lifestyle grid of

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