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The Linguistic Turn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Linguistic Turn - Essay ExampleAll of the students stand in two lines each team tries to answer the questions faster than its opponents. It is non uncontrollable to see that students are having fun from such activities. During the second lesson, students are asked to write a sentence on the required topic. They are given moreover five minutes to complete this task. Here we also see that students are divided into groups. The teacher motivates the students to interact with each other. Students help each other and crusade to find and correct mistakes. A teacher checks an assignment together with the students. Video Analysis Application of Theory It is necessary to stress that the first teacher resorts to the hold of several group management techniques in the video. They are the following ones 1) focusing, 2) direct instruction, 3) monitoring, 4) modeling and 5) positive discipline (Omrod 67). The role of the teacher is extremely important. She directs students interaction, grou p, and teamwork and often move aside, in order to give students an opportunity to be active and take part in the learning process. This makes progress more effectively. The teacher is constantly addressing the students and this is a very good motivator for them. The second lesson gives an opportunity to pay attention to various authentic materials and their importance in the learning process. Thus, authentic materials are utilise by native speakers of a language for actual communication. They are good tools for teaching and learning. These materials make every lesson interesting and unique. They may be applied to whatsoever topic and help learn more information. Thus, the teacher resorts to the use of bright cards for children to write. This helps to keep their attention focused on the task. It is not very difficult to see that in both the lessons the teachers apply the so-called zone of proximal development. This is a good way to make the process of students development faster. In both the videos the teachers try to give more complicated tasks that students can do. That is why they work in pairs and groups. They teach each other and cooperate in order to turn away any mistakes. It should be noted that both the teachers give their students social situations to practice their language skills. It is one of the best ways to teach because students see how to use knowledge in everyday life (Hylton, 236). In the first case, people work in groups and teams performing a situation suggested by the teacher. The majority of work is do orally. In the second case, the teacher also uses a social situation more attention is paid to students writing skills (Omrad, 76). Student Response to Instruction The students mind to the teachers instruction very attentively and do not ask any questions. Everything seems to be understandable for them.

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