Monday, June 17, 2019

AIESEC Winter Abroad Program 2011 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

AIESEC Winter Abroad Program 2011 - Essay ExampleProvision of net runing contacts is another advantage in this case.My aim is to advance in studies as practic in ally as possible, with excellence being an integral part. An internship will greatly determine the specific field of view of study to specialize in. This is because it will help define the kind between my education level so far and the working basics applicable in the industry.An internship will boost my creativity and critical analysis of variables in the place of work. Personal judgement of view of things in more diverse ways will be enhanced through the challenges expected from the permanently sedulous persons in the place I intend to intern.Getting through an internship will by the end of the designated period determine what next in regard to my field of study. Assessing my performance during an internship will help shape my professional competitive advantage. An internship will cut across my professional strengths a nd weaknesses, thereby determining what to hold on and what to work on.Yes. I was born in Hong Kong and I have resided in Copenhagen, Denmark and in England since I turned eighteen years. I am currently studying in the United Kingdom. Through students exchange program, I have visited Copenhagen, Denmark as a participant in the program. My life has been characterized by social diversity as a result of time to time interaction with different multitude from different cultures. I have experienced cultural exchanges where I learn other peoples culture and they learn mine in return. This summer I got an internship in Beijing, China in a Business Development Department. My interaction with all these different cultures has shaped my diversity point of view in people and culture.No. Although have not been in international volunteer experience, it is my expectation to find oneself engaged into one. I am socially interactive with different human races that make it suitable for me to explore a volunteer

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