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Investigating Women In Sport Essay

I am investigating wo men in fluctuation. The exceptional atomic number 18 of focus for this study include be womens amour in sport. This interests me as transgressicipation in sport for women is a traffic circle less(prenominal) than men. I batch see this is app atomic number 18nt from my protest acquaintances, amongst my peers sport bulgeicipation has decreased as weve got older there doesnt come along to be as many sporting opportunities, consequently interest in sport is lost. Books identify and discuss the problems with womens participation in sport, telly has hardly any womens sports coverage due to few women athletes. I am interested to find out why this is, what effects it and what fag be go for grantede to solve this problem.I will begin this see to it by trying to find out why women foregather less sport, I will then investigate the issue further by finding out the factors which affect this, whose function it is to ensure there is womens participation an d what is being/can be done to improve this.I can research this by wait oning in physical training text books, sport websites on the internet and sport articles in the newspaper.33% of men participate in sporting activity only 10% of women do.Womens role in society is to be a certain demeanor , to be feminine the amount of sport played must suss out with this, sport isnt considered rattling feminine so little is played. along with being feminine women must spend time at choke and with family so any leisure time left is very abruptly and often women ar too physically exhausted to take part. These notes were interpreted from Advanced physical education and sport, I found this book inviolable as it relates womens roles in society to participation in sport and has a statistic which clearly defines the participation difference.Girls and women have been discouraged from vie sports by often of myths and stereotypes* If she plays sports she will become mannish and unfeminine* Bec ause of her anatomical structure she will suffer more knee and back injuries.* If she trains too hard her ovaries and vesica will be affected* Women arent interested in play sportsThese are all common reasons why women dont play sport, taken from the American womens sports foundation website.Self discrimination- some women prevented from taking part by sub-cultural values or disinclination? Economical/physical limits preventing wide of the mark implementation of policy? Internalised or self discrimination by a cultural group upon members? Perceived notion of elitism or exclusivity in fellowship with some activities which act as a deterrentStereotyping- reinforces established perceptions or questions new ones women as tennis players or gymnasts reinforce views on what sports women should do. Women as rugby players or fighters fall outside typical stereotyping.Esteem- self wonderment is an important factor in participation, perception of yourself affects participation competitive ly and otherwise.Notes from innovational pe for Edexcel these show the reasons why some women dont take part and explain how this affects it.Things that stop women from participatingGlobal- constraints which exist at a world(prenominal) level. Eg. No womens steeple chaseInstitutional- constraints applied to certain institutions and orgnisations e.g many dont allow women to boxCultural- some religions dont allow women the same freedom to struggle in sport as menDomestic- some countries have social traditions which prevent women from being free to compete as they wish.Taken form A-level pe, these show constrains outside a womens own descion to take part in sport, shows that in some events its not mathematical and in some cultures its not possible as women dont have the same freedom as the men do.Whos responsibility?Parents?Parents unknowingly force masculine and feminine stereotypes, they are among key influencers as well as schools which teach that girls shouldnt play sports and shouldnt be interested in them. Girls seldom see images of women playing sport so parents need to be clear and send a positive nub that sports participation is desirable.Research shows that boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 9 are every bit interested in sports, girls arent as discouraged as they were, theyre just not encouraged. They enter organised sport later than boys and are less likely to have the skills required for success, if they dont experience success they dont have fun.As a topic of 1lack of opportunities to play as they get older girls teams decrease both in and out of school 2 the same encouragement as boys 3 skill success and therefore fun, girls drop out of sport at a rate 6 times higher than boys at 14.If a girl doesnt play sports by the time she is 10 years old, there is less than 10% chance she will be playing when she is 25.This is taken from the womens sports foundation Canada website. I find this piece of research very interesting as it shows that th e encouragement and stereotypes that are around when we are five-year-old make a big difference in the participation when we are older.They come in all shapes and sizes. Some stand tall on pedestals while others walk on solid ground. Some go squander in history while others rise up as legends. Theyre heroes and mentors, leaders and role models. Their images are taped to bed populate walls and locker room doors. They walk the earth disguised as parents, teachers, motorbuses and athletes. They are the chosen ones the ones who can make a difference in a girls life at a time when making a difference matters.But if you look at those pedestals and walls, there are few women present.he percentage of women coaches has decreased, not increased. At a time when girls strive to define themselves as women, it is soothe difficult to find a female athlete or coach that can be a source of validation for a girl bursting with athletic passion.present female athletes found their mentors in brothe rs, fathers, and male coaches.the close a role model is to an souls profile, the more that individual can realize their own potential to be like them.This was take from wsf Uk and explores another reason why participation is low because there are few people 2 look up to and it links in with the encouragement when young so they can become role models for others.

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