Saturday, December 15, 2018

'My Declaration of Independence\r'

'When in the course of behavior events, it becomes necessary for me to suspend the mental beliefs which have chain me to false ideals overwhelmed me by others; and when it is necessary for me to assume the military unit and power of my natural state of being to which the Laws of spirit and of animateness entitle me, an honest recognition of who I re solelyy am requires that I should decl ar myself dislocated from any causes and deflects which force upon me a willing distant of my bear.I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that I am endowed by Life with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the independence to pursue Happiness. That to secure these propers: I, originating my just powers from the conviction of my own mental government, must assume responsibility.That whenever any amodal value form of influence becomes destructive and imposes on my freedom, it is my set to alter or sever damaging ties and to give a new relationship with it, laying a new foundation based upon salutary principles and respecting its effective to govern itself in such as way as to effect its Safety and Happiness. That positive relationship, large established, should not be changed for light and meaningless causes.In addition, all experience has shown that I am more possible to suffer while interdict external forces are attempting to influence me without my apprisedness, than when I k without delayingly enter into fair, balanced, and liable exchanges of influence. It is, thereby, my right to abolish any destructive forms of influence to which I may have unknowingly been attached but have recently become aware of.And also, when a farsighted history of abuse and negativity, imperativeness its will upon me, reveals a design to reduce my will and keep me under absolute tyranny and dependency, it is my rightâ€it is my dutyâ€to throw off such harassment, and to throw out a new self-esteem along with honorable and just beliefs for my early security.Having been, in the past, dominated by external forces and influences, now is the time, by absolute necessity, that I call upon myself to cast off, with great belief, all negative influences, and external mental-governments; all expectations not aligned with who I declare myself to be; and to be forgiven and released from personal persecution by which I may have blamed myself for any past wrong-doings.As proof of my conviction in assume of this personal declaration of independence, let the facts of my present and future behavior be submitted for all to observe. And with the hope of long Life, the expectation of Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, I declare independence, now and forever!\r\n'

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