Sunday, December 16, 2018

'Marketing of Liability Products of Bank Essay\r'

'There argon tot up of Liabilty products, some of the liability products be listed below * savings Account * Fixed Deposit Account * recurring Deposit * Current Account * NRI Account Etc…. These products be the basic products of buzzword which are taking overbold dimensions in the banking world as the competition is tougher. The products which are mentioned above are the products of Retail Banking. Wholesale banking is some other big segment of bank which deals with the SME and Corporate clients. wholesale Banking\r\nThough Internet banking as a sentiment has non caught the fancy of a majority of customers as yet-even the small percentage that does use it, makes a contravention to the overall cost. Almost all leading banks in India are hoping that in force(p) as ATMs saw a period of in personationion before they were accepted by Indian masses, Internet banking too would be choose once customers are comfortable with the technology. For instance, in 1998 India had jus t 500 ATMs today it has close to 7,500. Advertising Boards; jibe to the case study which we have make in the Bhubaneswar city from Rabi Talkies to Janapath. The Advertising Boards are very ra imprecate used , we found only one cache that belongs to Bank of Baroda in Bapuji Nagar and that too was removed by and by a week from our survey.\r\nThe other elevatement which is effrontery in the bus stand by HDFC in Lewis Road. Analysis; Bank’s believe little on this strategy of crusadement. The Case study was done in a very short quad so this might or might not be the actual situation. Social Media Marketing dodging * Bank Adverts on certain Websites * Social media in caper allows anyone and everyone to express and share * Social networking sites act as word of mouth. (For example Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc…) * Professional Sites uniform Linkedin * â€Å"retweet” or â€Å"repost”-repeating the message * Sharing videos through â€Å"Youtube† They advertise the bank products through different finance related, business related etc websites.\r\nAs we can see in the above screen shots from different websites we could understand that Banks rely on Social Media Marketing too to advertise and publicize their products. Conclusion We have analysed different strategies of the bank from Marketing Mix to Technology Based Marketing. From analysing in all aspects the only strategy which is helping and which pass on help the bank to be successful is harvest-festival Innovation. High Interest or discounts are not going to help the bank anymore because the customers are expecting the high quality service not the rice beer from the bank. People have become Quality cognizant in the recent past so the immature products and the service of that particular product in a appropriate way will help the banks to ready greater Heights.\r\n'

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