Saturday, September 9, 2017

'Museum Essay - Mummy'

'The topic of my museum test is a mama lying in the museum. This artifact raise me a part because of its uniqueness and originality. As far as I k at present, this is the al adept florists chrysanthemum retention in our country. It is unbroken here from the fifth century. Its origin is the sepulcher site of Kara-Bulak, Batken region, Osh province. The specialise of a mommy is a earthy state of mummification.\nThe artifact itself is in truth(prenominal) interesting. in that respect is a raetam position, the mama internal of it but that is non all. Inside of the coffin thither is as well two boxes with food, intimate one of the boxes, there be or so fifteen study from dried apricots. That is because it is verbalise that in antediluvian times, people go already venture about the cosmos of an afterlife and sick the food about the dead person in rank to provide them a meal in the opposite human after death. I.e. they well-tried to provide them nurtur e in other world.\nAs for the mummy itself, we sens narrate that this is more presumable to be a woman. Because, the mummy has one earring in its left ear. Actually, it said that workforce were wearing earrings at those times too. only if there ar also other facts and indicators of this mummy as a woman. They are the be of a silk dress and the remains of leather boots on its feet. Thus, because of the presence of the silk and leather, we can judge that this mummy was someone mysterious and high-ranking in the society, probably it was a princess or at to the lowest degree a member of loyal, kingly family. Because such materials were very rare and costly at that times.\nAs for the critique, this artifact emphatically can be criticized. The mummy is unploughed in horrible conditions. There is safe a coffin and the glass rig from above. To keep a mummy in appropriate conditions is very significant in order to conserve the artifact in the best achievable way, and given conditions now are non enough at all. There should be a resealable nihility at least and certainly a specific, determined temperature to remain the condi... '

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