Thursday, February 6, 2020

Debating Same-Sex Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Debating Same-Sex Marriage - Essay Example In this essay, the researcher shall portray the reasons as to why individuals would be for or against same-sex marriages before he gives a brief statement on what the society should opt for. Many arguments have been shot to support same-sex marriages that include homosexuals and lesbianism. Arguments have hit debates that since there is no evidence that same-sex parents are not poorer than heterosexual parents and that different individuals make more stable couples and that they do not have any impact on parenting abilities, they, therefore, are relatively better than heterosexual couples. Others have argued that same-sex marriages are unrelated to polygamous relationships which make it considerably a better way to escape cheating and unfaithful couples in marriage. Opponents to same-sex marriages have stated that marriage is traditionally meant to be a union of one man and one woman, homosexual and lesbianism unions can be classed with polygamy as it goes against the definition. Rel igious opponents have stipulated that God created the marriage institution for the purpose of procreation. Same-sex married couples cannot reproduce. This argument is based on the concept that God exists. However, giving this a second thought the ability of same-sex couples to reproduce is not entirely a problem because we have encountered heterosexual couples that are not able to reproduce and are comfortable with it. The society should, therefore, provide gay couples with similar legal and social identities allow them to access the advice of law and equal judgments upon it so as to avoid infringing upon rights of others. Gay marriages should be allowed to enjoy the same privileges’ enjoyed by the majority because only minorities differ from the rest due to the fact that these individuals are computed in terms of feelings and relationship.

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