Sunday, September 22, 2019

Pueblo woman by Roxanne Swentzell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pueblo woman by Roxanne Swentzell - Essay Example The sunglasses show how the artist is blending modernism in her art work. a) Conform to the theoretical model. The artwork that fails to conform to the theoretical models fails to be recognized significantly therefore not recognized equally. The artwork must conform to the standards and this has made many artworks not to be recognized. There is a medium that the artist has used. She has endeavored to have a message in her sculpt. The artistic work shows the popular culture within the popular culture. b) Break from tradition. Masterpieces that break from the tradition of the Native American art make the work and the artist to remain anonymous. Roxanne has not observed the tradition as she seeks to pursue post modernism. This is evidenced in the carvings where she shows the how the modern woman is supposed to put on. The modern culture is shown by the use of the modern glasses and the striped swimsuit. The artist is not geared to reveal history but shows the popular culture within the Pueblo woman. c) Political boundaries. The sculptor has avoided being influenced by politics. She has endeavored in representing lifestyle and cultures, especially in the women as she exhibits modernity. There is no political representation in the sculpt but she chooses to address the conflicting cultural frameworks and the expectation of the modern woman. The artist chose to use clay as a medium to do her sculpt. It has a smooth texture and the color is blended well to show essentialism and reality of the modern lady.

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