Monday, September 30, 2019

Convenience Store and Freedom Writers Assignment Essay

The character I’ve chosen is Eva Benitez , is a 18 year teenage Mexican American girl short wave hair , tan skin wears red lipstick and hoop earrings has that tomboyish look . Life changes during her childhood. The first day of school for Eva she was waiting for her dad to take her to school , when it turn out to be the day she saw a friend die right in front of her eyes . Eva’s dad got arrested for the death of Roberto that was a crime he didn’t commit . A while after the situation with her dad she had an initiation to join a gang and be part of what they called â€Å"familia†. Then after that she fighted for her life , but in the inside she was scared and terrified of what could of happened. One night Eva and girl named Sindy go to a convenience store , when all of a student a drive by happens , it was Eva’s boyfriend Paco intending to kill a student named Grant rice . Accidently misses killing Sindy ’s boyfriend . Eva has to testify in court what happened since she was the only witness . During time passes and she goes to school and learns that there is still hope and decides what to do if right or wrong. Eva goes through a lot , trying to figure what to do ether protect her own skin or save a person that didn’t commit a crime . Eva is a girl who has taken a lot of abuse over the years , and has a rough life , she repeatedly goes through violence everyday to get what she needs , whether that is simply going to school or going into a convenient store. She sorts out her problems with anger and hate she’s a very strong , pretty , independent , scared , confused teenaged Mexican American girl.

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