Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Write choose topic but lets me konw asap Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9000 words

Write choose topic but lets me konw asap - Essay Example I sincerely thank to participants who responded to the study besides my family and friends who also boosted my confidence in taking up the study. Objective: The objective of the study was to define the issues related with cultural diversity. This study will describe about the problems as well as benefits faced by Marks & Spencer (M&S) in Wu Han. The study also defined the culture of Wu Han where M&S wishes to expand its operations. Methodology: In this study, research was conducted by implementing the mixed approach. Accordingly, both qualitative and quantitative data were used for the purpose of the study, taking into account the literature review method and the questionnaire survey tool to gather information. This research method helps to generate accurate and possible outcome from the research. Finding: From the research, it was identified that various factors of cultural diversity play a vital role for M&S in Wu Han. Employee problems are the most important thus, which imposes significant impact on the work environment in M&S in Wu Han. Conclusion: In this paper, the problems related with cultural diversity, was found to impose a strong effect on work environment, which could have minimized with the proper management strategy. Employee motivation and making employees flexible for any kind of changes in work are very important. The findings thus highlighted a number of benefits, which enhanced the responsibilities of employees and improved serviceability for M&S. Marks & Spencer’s, also known as M&S, is a multinational retailer company that specializes in dealing with multiple products and services (1Marks and Spencer plc, 2015). M&S is headquartered in London with its subsidiary retail chains scattered across the globe. M&S was established in the year 1884 and later transformed itself from a single market shop to multiple-chain retail store (3Marks and Spencer plc, 2015). Products and services sold by M&S were widely accepted across the

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