Thursday, August 29, 2019

Parking Problem At Florida State University Essay

Parking Problem At Florida State University - Essay Example By Improving the potential circulation and movement of these pathways and also eliminating various pathways which make the procedure cumbersome for pedestrians, will certainly improve the overall process. It is also evident that landscaping, protected walkways, and pathways and also adequate lighting facilities will help in enhancing the overall pedestrian experience and will improve the parking facilities. Students having bicycles or motorbikes will also be facilitated if the bicycle paths are made. An important thing to note, however, is that a bike path may not be highly convenient or effective if it is inconsistent with its procedures. According to Lyons, a bike pathway which can only create lanes of roadways which can merely switch to a sidewalk will merely create problems for potential riders and will also create conflicts and other problems for the pedestrians. By evaluating and analyzing these highly important procedures, Florida University would certainly have a concrete vie w of where we can focus on our efforts as well as all our technical resources. But, the higher authorities of this institute could be blamed for the occurrence or potential occurrence of such administrative shortages. The core requirement in this regard is the creation of a mutual alliance between teachers, students, school administrative authorities and all other stakeholders involved. The higher authorities in the university have to understand how essential a spacious parking space would be for students and other school staff.

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