Thursday, August 22, 2019

Juvenile Focus Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Juvenile Focus - Article Example Among such programs and strategies, include a package on guiding discipline in schools released by the collaborations between the departments of Justice and Education. In another strategy, the country’s National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice has developed a course on mental health and juvenile justice called the â€Å"Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Collaboration for Change,† which as the name suggests, involves collaboration between different stakeholders on various juvenile issues. Overall, the author advances the important role that all stakeholders should play by collaborating with each other to address juvenile delinquency. Realizing that addressing juvenile delinquency requires the collaboration of all stakeholders from individual families to communities and to different government agencies, the author provides rationale for collaboration between different stakeholders, which makes the article important for anyone to read. By addressing issues on children and youths, the future of this country and the world, the article is important makes for an interested read for other people in order to acquaint themselves with the different approaches and the various ways they could get involved in the issue of juvenile delinquency. The article is easy to understand since the author uses simple language that is understandable without using jargon. In addition, the article is well organized as the author uses headings to present each item under discussion.

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