Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Early Childhood-Practical Life Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Early Childhood-Practical Life - Research Paper Example When children are exposed to practical life activities early on in life it not only enables them perform common physical tasks but also helps in the character building as they learn patience and responsibility while performing the activities. For example practical life activities help children to button their shirts and tie their laces, to clean things, to set the table and eat properly and later clean and wash dishes and keep them in their respective places. All these tasks require patience and concentration and in the end give the child fulfillment and happiness upon completing the tasks. Children also learn to be devoted and accurate by doing the tasks and in the process they also develop and calm and dignified attitude. According to Maria, when a child is repeatedly exposed to real life tasks the child would automatically attain the ability to perform other tasks later in life. Performing everyday tasks would also enable the child to develop a sense of balance and analyze their movements. And when they repeat the tasks they would be able to achieve perfection in their tasks. The usefulness of repetition is especially true among young children and it also teaches the child a lifelong lesson to strive in achieving perfection in all their endeavors. 2. Achieving power over your own movements leads to independence. Montessori constantly refers to the importance of movement. A teacher can become an â€Å"obstacle to a child†. What did Maria Montessori mean by this statement? Taking the example of the teacher who prevented the little boy from viewing the objects in the basin through his own efforts, Maria stresses that it is necessary for instructors to initially watch the movements of their children and teach them the difference between what is right and wrong. This would help the children to better regulate their movements. Once the children are made aware of this

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