Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New York Times Newspaper Paywall Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 33

New York Times Newspaper Paywall - Case Study ExampleNew York Times used a device-specific and metered system that allowed the readers to access up to 20 articles a month for salvage, but readers would be charged to access more articles except for the front page that was free all the times for all the users. The number of free articles was made to ensure active readers remain engaged and promote the social buzz generated by the articles. The scheme entailed differentiated pricing strategy that entailed three tiers depending on the device used by the reader to access the content and introductory offers and discounts for the customers. The digital pricing was cheaper than publish home delivery, but the price was higher than that charged by other newsprint companies digital content. The distinctive pricing is essential in order to ply for the unique needs and amount of content accessed by the user (Kumar, Anand, Gupta and Oberholzer-Gee 7). The leaky wall design accommodated users from social networks and search engines. Readers from Google search were restricted to five-articles per day pay back over and above the 20 monthly free articles (Kumar, Anand, Gupta and Oberholzer-Gee 6). In addition, readers who came in from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook faced no links if the articles were linked straight from those social media sites. The paywall is a complement of the print newspaper since it provides the additional revenue stream and enhances the audience. Some readers will prefer the print newspapers especially advertisement companies. The newspaper attention is in trouble due to decline in the overall circulation and decline I the traditional sources of revenues such as subscription, classified advertising, and retail. Accordingly, the nature of the industry makes it difficult to reduce editorial staff, production and distribution costs since they are fixed.

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