Friday, June 14, 2019

Health Education Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health Education - Case Study ExampleIt greatly depends on the apprehension people have on a situation and their actual ability to handle and cope with much(prenominal) situations. Stress can cause marginal and complete(a) health related problems, and ultimately death in extreme cases. Although most stress management techniques and tools have previously shown positive impacts on minimizing stress, there wholly serve as guidance, and therefore readers are highly advised to seek help from highly qualified health professionals in case of their stress is do them persistent or significant unhappiness or severe stress related illness. The baseline in most cases is emotional, that is, we need emotional intelligence in order to have stable relationships (Sedgeman 47-50). Relationships are major causes of stress to many people. This is because of the nature of such relationships of bringing people of different backgrounds and diverse diversities. Every person has his or her own choices , beliefs, values and preferences. People in a relationship are not exceptional they have different goals and values in such relationships. Some take it seriously others dont. It also takes time for people in a relationship to understand one another, especially to master the traits, preferences, and views of to each one other in feeling situations. This is why relationships are sources of stress. It appears that people get attracted to one another due to the commonalities, but may be to a subconscious extent, partners are more attracted due to the differences exhibited by each other. This therefore is a source of stress in a relationship, particularly because of the growing frictions resulting from the differences. However, it is due to this growing friction that relationships grow. This is particularly why relationships are major sources of stress to many people (Allen 25-27). Most people handle relationships and stress differently. This is because of individual upbringing and outgoing experiences either of the partners may have had in the past. Some people have adopted stress management as a broad spectrum of psychotherapies and techniques that seek to give the level of stress of a person in a relationship, especially chronic stress, often for reasons of improving their day to day functioning, and the differences in their relationships. The availability of various techniques of stress management for self help and for use by health professionals, to help people limit stress and provide optimistic feelings of putting life situations under control, as well as promote the state of general well-being, are reasons for handling stress and relationships differently. Those who are aware of such techniques find it leisurely to handle and manage stress, while the others find it way too difficult (Lazarus & Folkman 45-49). In an evaluation of the situation of Mary and DeWayne, the two have been dating for all over two years. The partners discussed their eventual marriage, and perhaps either of the partners did not take it that serious, as seen at the later stage of the relationship. Mary practically took this very serious and her hearty world centers on DeWayne. She takes her time thinking about DeWayne constantly however, DeWayne is less interested in the whole affair. This is evident from several broken dates with work excuses. DeWayne lacked wonder for the feelings of Mary this came out on an occasion when Mary spotted him strolling into a restaurant with another woman. DeWayne was supposedly studying on this particular occasion. To

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