Thursday, June 6, 2019

E-Learning Management System Essay Example for Free

E-Learning Management System EssayThe basic facilitator for E-learning is triggered by the exponential increment of net profit and thirst for in variety showation to make smooth decisions at all spheres. The primary purpose is to help people all over in making their lives easier. E-learning creates a network consisting of every being who desires to share and use information. It is very crucial to researchers, professionals and policy makers who require information at the correct time for their work and development.It helps vastly the businesses to cater to a large public domain, typically rendering to B2B, B2C and C2C models. It helps them to cater on-demand services from anywhere across the globe for taking advantage of technology and newer innovations for growth and development. Information can flow smooth across nations and businesses so that its transition can help them to learn newer things and implement it in practice creating an environment of assurance and confidence .Communication forms a major part of our lives which can be enriched by sharing information. E-learning management system must be set up effectively with the help of domain experts and professionals so that the correct representation of information can take place. Appropriate classification and representation would further help in optimum procurement and use of it in practice. Knowledge repositories of current practices and lessons learned must be captured effectively for further derivation of knowledge and intelligence.The concept of Data dig is of great importance. Interoperability issues must be addressed to acknowledge the successful delivery of knowledge. Security and quality consideration is a priority as any form of abuse would affect quality of the content. Special care must be taken with regard to knowledge depository so that it can be successfully implemented in practice to render effective services to masses for their prosperity.

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