Friday, May 10, 2019

Planning and conducting workshops Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Planning and conducting workshops - Essay Examplearents with bruising that did not reckon to provide to be the usual scrapes and hurts that children usually expose themselves too and a few of the children who used to be very happy, seem very sad. The parents explanations were suspect and roughly of the staff is wondering whether these children are being abused in some way.The staff is not trained in diagnosing child abuse and the CEO feels that it is important for them to picture the warning signs and what to do when they see something that looks suspicious. The CEO does not want to put the staff or the families into a panic, but they want to make sure that the children and families receive help where necessary. I first passed out questionnaires to the staff to find out the level of knowledge they had currently. I wanted to understand any myths they had about it and I needed to determine what type of training was needed to fit their needs. I also held individual and classify int erviews with the permission of the CEO. This allowed me to assess what each individual was hoping to learn from the training and how it would best fit into this particular environment. I gathered all this information together and it was clear that the staff needed a sanctioned intellectual of how to identify the signs of child abuse and what to do about it. All of the interviews and questionnaires basically came to this conclusion. I suggested to the CEO that we nominate a workshop that provides this information in an interactive format. We will create handouts hat explain the basic information and then use case studies created from actual situations the staff has seen that we will discuss during the workshop.The conduct commercialise for this workshop is the staff and volunteers for XYZ Company. The staff and volunteers create a diverse group in ethnicity, gender and age. The target group is between ages of 27 and 65. They are primarily Caucasian and Hispanic, with a few Asian and African Americans on staff. Through the interviews I was able to get an

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