Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How to Make Ski Wax :: Process Essays

Ingredients and formula for super fast ,all temp, racing ski climb on(1) 5 lbs of paraffin oil wax(I use a 160 degree melt temperature wax)(2) 1/2 lb of paraflint wax hardener (3) a bar of Ivory soap (4) a fixing size tube of Crest high fluoride toothpaste (5)a heaping tablespoon of spruce gum(resin from a spruce tree) The paraffin and paraflint hardener can be easily and cheaply obtained from most wax light supply companies.The soap and toothpaste are easy enough.The spruce gum can be obtained from whatever specie of spruce tree.It exudes from wounds in the bark or wiped out(p) branches.Make sure it is soft and clean,free from any dirt or bark.Spruce trees are common in many towns and suburban areas.Check ones near roads that have been recently pruned or ask the landowner permission to collect some from their tree.A lot of spruce on lawns have the bottom branches pruned. Use a pocket knife or spoon and a small jar with lid to collect the gum.In addition to these ingredient s you will also need An outdoor cookstove or grill ,a freezer,a great(p) and small cooking pot,stove mitts,a butterknife,a cheesegrater,a handheld mixer/blender,a clock or watch,a bowl,and a few of the cheap pie tins or tin bread molds to pour the liquid wax into.CAUTIONMELTING WAX CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS.IT IS ADVISABLE TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE PRESENT WHEN MAKING THIS WAX.MELT IT OUTDOORS AWAY FROM BUILDINGS TO AVOID FIRE.KEEP CHILDREN AND ANIMALS AWAY.Step1-Put the pie tins or tin bread molds in the freezer to get them cold.Step2-With the cheesegrater, finely grate the entire bar of soap into the bowl.Step3-With the butterknife thinly spread the spruce gum on one side of all the bars of paraffin.(To make this easier you may need to warm the gum near a gentle heat source)Step4-Pour the paraflint into the small cooking pot, instal it on the burner and turn on the flame(low heat).Step5-Put a bar of paraffin in the big cooking pot(gum side up),put it on the burner and turn on the flame(h igh heat).When the bar melts put in another and when that melts anotheruntil all are melted.(If any impurities rise to the top,skim them off with a spoon or mesh spoon.There shouldnt be any if the gum is clean.)Step6-As soon as all bars of wax are melted begin blending the wax and gum while pouring in the soap.Continue blending.(high speed)Step7-When the soap and wax are thoroughly blended, squeeze the entire tube of toothpaste into the mixture while blending and continue to blend until the toothpaste is thoroughly incorporated into the mixture.

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