Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Discussion and abstract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Discussion and abstract - Essay usageAfter performing a hypothesis test based on the t-test, it was noned that there was a signifi jackpott difference in the means of the two experimental groups, the result being as follows t = -3.02, df = 18, p The speed with which people can complete a certain task is commonly subject on a number of factors such as the difficulty of the task and the pressure under which the individuals are performing that particular task (Crisp and Turner, 2010). Another common factor that influences how fast a person can complete a given task is through evaluation apprehension (Minor, 1970). Evaluation apprehension is the cause given to the anxious feeling that one normally experiences when being under evaluation. It is the concern that people normally have when there are others assessing how they are doing (Weiss and Miller, 1971).This report assesss the effect that performance evaluation has on a simple manual dexterity task. Evaluation apprehension does have an impact on an individuals performance. Participants who believe that they are being evaluated while performing a simple manual task are able to complete their tasks faster when they are in the presence of other people compared to participants who do not think that their performance is the same task is being evaluated (Ferris and Roland, 1983).There have been several studies done to evaluate if a person who perceives that he is being evaluated will perform a task any other than if he thinks that no one is evaluating

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