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Change Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

spay Management - Essay ExampleAs an employee of a company undergoing restructuring I would like to receive entropy regarding how the changes in the organization ar going to affect my day to day activities as an employee of the company. I would besides like to receive reassurances to ensure the company offers the employees job security. Often during restructuring the exe recogniseive managerial staff decides to downsize and cut jobs. It is important for the company to provide its employees with the companys new mission and vision to ensure the loyals goals are aligned with the expectations of the employees. If any new managers are going to be hired as an employee I would like to know what changes are going to occur among the managerial staff. Leadership is important and the employees fare leaders that earn their avow and respect through their actions and accomplishments. From whom would you like to get this information? Why? I would prefer if the information came directly from the board of directors or from the executive managerial staff. The managers of a company are responsible for the well being and performance of the employees. A restructuring plan is a major strategic ratiocination that must be made by the people in charge of a corporation. I would kinda get the information from a manager because getting the information from such a source ensures its validity. ... The flat coat this is the best option is because these forms of communication are reliable and they are official. The employees of a firm can trust communication that comes from the company directly. Effective memos clearly define their audience to ensure the proper stakeholder receives the information it take (Colostate, 2012). One of the advantages of using internal forms of communication is that its use constitutes a documentation of information by the company. retentivity a record of communication can prevent misinterpretation of data and information. What would be the worst subs tance of receiving this information? Why? The worst way of receiving this information is through informal channels such as the press. The press often changes the tosh to make it more sensational. The purpose of the press is to create a story that the readers will like. Often the press does not care about the truth since their objective is to obtain the highest ratings possible. quadruple forms of press coverage are television, radio, internet, and the written press. In 2011 the total U.S. communication and media consumption reached $1.12 trillion and spending is projected to reach $1.41 trillion by the year 2015 (Plunkettresearchonline, 2012). It is not in a companys best interest for employees to obtain information regarding corporate restructuring plans from the press because their information may be biased, inaccurate, and corrupted. development that the employees obtain from the press can often cause panic among the employees. The press can also knap information in order to create controversy and chaos in an attempt to keep a story going. As a manager of

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