Monday, April 22, 2019

Terrorism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Terrorism - Research Paper ExampleThe united states need to use the all the tools, that be at its disposal including the internationalistic diplomacy, corporation and constructive engagement to economic sanctions in order to commute physical security and military force towards eliminating the vice. Therefore, this paper examines the international terrorist action and threats in the United States of the States and the countrys response to the same. However, round countries like Iran seems to support and sponsor terrorist act as their primary(prenominal) specter for proliferation of weapons. Survey has besides shown that Al Qaeda terrorist group has attempted to acquire biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons. Thus, the office for war with the international terrorism is increasing becoming difficult and the margins for terror as well to discern the appropriate policy to prevent the terrorists attacks (Hamilton 381). The United States policy towards eliminating the intern ational terrorism has more of military epochal component as in the case with Iraq. The major concern over this global phenomenon is how to maximize international cooperation and support that is unduly compromising. The state department is to release its annual handle on terrorism. From the prior expectation, the modern report carries more and advanced patterns of terrorism than earlier editions. The United States has set strategic approach in its anti-terrorist plan. These plans revolve around defeating the terrorist as a major source of threat to human life. The country also aims at providing an environment that is hospitable free of terrorism across the globe. Through this plan, the United States seeks to enhance the alert national strategy for combating terrorist across the world. The US moldiness engage in realm of ideas that are in conjunction with the ongoing efforts to protect and defect the homeland against any form of terrorist attack (Gordon 79). International terroris m is increasingly becoming a threat to the United States both in its foreign and domestic security. measure and target of the terrorist to the U.S. may directly affect its effort in controlling and preserving commerce on nuclear proliferation of the Middle East peace process. The radical Islamic groups have sought to exploit economic and the semipolitical tensions of the Asian countries. Their sole aim for this attack is to overthrow the secular regimes more so in the countries with greathearted Muslim populations (Krueger 16). The main perception is that these groups are a main threat to the United States policy objectives. The report on Iran as the most active sponsor for terrorism has forced the United States to lay some strategic plans against Middle East countries. The report cites Pakistan as one of the most important partners of the United States on the war against the world terrorism. Pakistan securities services cooperate closely with the eliminate terrorism. Suda n and Libya have currently collaborated with the United States in the global war on terror. Currently, the terrorism has assumed new characteristics of ideological movements thus fight against it must be a hard task. The much intelligence conducted on terrorist show that, today, most of the terrorism is make on the United States (Jessie and Kinney 705). The terrorist sanctuaries are within the cities or democratic societies. Countries

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