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Financial loss Essay Example for Free

Financial loss EssayThis article is about iniquity and poverty and it as well look fors at the crimes that happen to the crack copious and why a super ample mortal would happen everything for much m angiotensin converting enzymey. on that point is no clear definition of what crime is but crime can be looked at in many different ways. In his phonograph record, what is a crime Henry states that it has got multiple dimensions since in that respect argon the crimes that happen in the companionship and excessively those that happen nationally. Crime is harmful acts in the society which origin infliction to their victims. (150) destitution is a state of not being subject to provide oneself with rudimentary needs due to drop of money and resources.(Henry 150) It is a state where one feels deprived by luck of their most needs and not being able to live comfortably in their daytime to day activities due to lack of resources and other needs upon which are very gra ssroots. (Henry 150) Crime and poverty are intertwined in that due to lack of provision of needed basics poverty pushes wad to crime. Crime check to the appropriate by (Stuart Henry 2001), there are offenses which are committed and are contrary to the rules and laws set in the society. A crime is an offences which is considered immoral as well as illegal in the society.It is the deviation from the affectionate norms as well as values. (154) Crime is a behavior which is unacceptable and it is done by its perpetrators by choice but it is withal outlawed by the state. Crimes are also detrimental to the community. These acts of harm should be look intod according to the circumstances in which they occurred. (Henry 158) Poverty (Henry Stuart 2001) states that this is the shortage of basic needs and common things which a person needs for the day to day survival such as food, water, shelter, c portion outhing and which all determine ones quality of conduct. (135)It comes with lack o f basics which are needed also to enhance a good life for roundone. Good education needs to be supplemented with a good income and hence an eventual good life. Poverty suppresses comfort in life where one is not able to make ends meet. Poverty also deprives one services, goods and pleasures which are enjoyed by others who are not poor. In fact poor lot are in a class of their own and those that fix in abundant may take for granted near of the needs that the poor piddle. (Henry 136) Crime and povertyCrime and poverty are interrelated. It is enhanced by the cordial mobility of a country or a nation. If the complaisant mobility of a country is stagnant then we rescue poverty and crime as we dont corroborate any development whatsoever. (Henry 138) There are social ills of a society that make people poor like poor infrastructure lack of adequate housing , unemployment and others that make people in the society poor materially and spiritually. According to the book what is Crime (2001) for crime to be eliminated in the society then poverty has to be eliminated first.Crime is also cause by forces of the social breakdown. For one to be eliminated, however the other has to first be eliminated. (Henry 149) insufficiency of education leads to one not bumpting a good job and becomes poor, desperate and angry and also depressed. The idleness leads to the formation of gangs and thoughts of how to commit crime. This is primarily due to lack of opportunities. (Henry 155) According to (Henry Stuart 2001) money is very bid to the poor and once offered it forced one to engage in any sort of crime in order to supplement income.Poverty makes people needy and hence exploitation where the poor are enticed into crime for money especially where there is no any government intervention. (174) Rich countries experience this since the cost of liveness obligates rising, while wages remain stagnant hence the gap between the rich and the poor widens and and then the poor becom e poorer while the rich get richer. Only the intervention of the government can take prisoner this by doing more for a nation on order for the people to be able to turbulence themselves and consequently their standards of living. (Henry 172)Why a Super Rich Person Would Risk Everything For More Money According to Ferdinand Lundberg, the super rich people are the people who have a social class in the society and it consists of those with power as well as wealth. They are entrepreneurs, investors and that is where their income comes from and hence they benefit from capital gains. (69) They have a side in the society and they must keep up with the charge of this status. It is very valuable to maintain this status and hence they would risk everything for more money.Maintenance They prefer to live in high-ticket(prenominal) homes and they own many homes. The costs of maintaining these homes are very high since they come with luxury like pools, leaf node houses as well as tennis co urts and hence they have to need loads of money for the maintenance of this. (Lundberg 68) Staff The super rich require a lot of staff who run their homes. This comes with their status since they are super rich they have people who run their homes and for them to maintain their status they need money for the keep to these staff. (Irvin 159) CostIn his book Irvin states that since the modus vivendi of the super rich is luxurious they are not able to cut costs since they deal with high costs including the best and the most expensive things. They have to tarry with this tend of only having the most expensive and they need more and more money for them to keep this status up. (163) Friends (Lundberg 76) states in his book that they are in a social class and their circle of friends is in their alike(p) status. The super rich would not risk not having more money as this would make their friends look down on them.For them to maintain the friends in their social class and also fro them to remain on conduct and maintain their status they need more money and they would risk anything for more money. (Lundberg 77) Financial loss In his book (Irvin 168) the super rich fear to suffer from financial loss since the same characteristics that give them the exponent to achieving wealth are the same that may cause loss of financial freedom and this can cause devastation to the super rich so they would risk everything for more money. thrust created by wealthThere is much that is expected from the super rich. This makes it hard for them to just pose back and enjoy what they already have but they have to keep proving that they are still rich and so they would risk for more money. (Irvin 169) Pressure Created By Wealth According to (Irvin 150) there is much that is expected from the super rich. This makes it hard for them to just sit back and enjoy what they already have but they have to keep proving that they are still wealthy and so they would risk for more money.They are un der a lot of pressure from the society to keep making more and more money and hence they keep doing more for more money as they look at the success of those around them as well as their friends in the same social status. (Irvin 152) Crimes That Happen To The Super Rich Blackmail (Lundberg 82) states that the super rich are protective of their lavish lifestyle and they also wish to maintain their image as clean and they dont like video in the society f their misgivings.One of the crime they suffer from is blackmail where someone threatens them with revealing some true information about them to the public, any other person that they may not wish for them to realize their particular it of information or even to a business partner. (Lundberg 82) The said information could cause them astonishment or could damage them socially if revealed and people wishing to blackmail the super rich know that they would be willing to meet any demand made upon the victim in order fro this information not to be revealed.Kidnapping According to the book the Rich and the Super Rich Lundberg states that this is a crime of victorious someone away against their will to further another crime or for a ransom. The super rich suffer this crime where their family member, wife, husband, child is kidnapped and the kidnapers ask for a ransom of money from the family to secure the release of that person. The person is taken against his will and is falsely imprisoned until the said amount of money is paid to secure their release. (80)The super rich are known to be willing to do this as they have a lot of money and they can be able to honor the kidnappers demands in exchange of the false imprisonment of the person. (Lundberg 80) quote Card Fraud In his book Super Rich Irvin feels that this is the information and data of the said super rich person is obtained and compromised this information on a credit card thus carrying out the feat using the said card pausing as the real card holder. (146) Since the super rich are believed to have a lot of money this credit card is used to obtain goods or even to get funds from an account hence this is done fraudulently.(Irvin 147) Conclusion According to (Henry 136) Crime is the cause of harm and pain to the one that it is tell to while poverty is the state of not being able to provider for basic necessities. Crime and poverty are inter related and one cannot e eliminated before the other, since poverty leads people to lack good jobs and hence are not able to earn good money or provide for themselves ultimately. They therefore turn into crime due to stress and also as powerful people lure them into crime for money which they need desperately due to poverty.(Henry 136) The super rich suffer from crimes directed to them due to the strong believe that they have a lot of money. (Irvin 145) However the status of the super rich is luxurious and high and due to this social status it is important for them to maintain it and hence they would risk everything for more money. References- Ferdinand Lundberg. The Rich and the Super rich. New York Nelson Publishers, 1998. George Irvin. Super Rich. U. K Polity Publishers, 2008. Stuart Henry. What is Crime. Washington Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2001.

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