Sunday, April 28, 2019

Defending the Purpose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

defend the Purpose - Essay ExampleOther uprightness enforcement agencies focus more on the digest of info derived from police reports, suspect entropy, and other collected data to aid the investigation process (Osborne and Wernicke, 2003). Many law enforcement authorities and agencies are seeking the services of crime analysts so as to help them carry let on a wide range of analysis thereby enabling them to follow up crimes, investigate cases, and lay criminals. The aim of every crime analyst is to find helpful reading embedded within the several(a) forms of evidences including data and reports in order to facilitate effective investigation. As such, crime analysis is an important ingredient of law enforcement that works to aid the process through analysis of various crime data.The crime analysis process is essenti eachy information-driven and involves collection, collation, analysis, data modification, dissemination, and feedback (Boba-Santos, 56). Collection of data is a crucial step towards gathering all the required information. This delivers an in-depth analysis of the matter in the light of the available information. The different matters are examined and collated so as to draw up a meaningful image of the scenario. Data modification involves a change in data collection and analysis based on the process of crime analysis (Boba-Santos, 58). Next, the analysts disseminate the information in a quite detailed manner such that only the most germane information is presented. With the advent of technological softwares the crime analysis process is aided by various analytical programs that allow deep analysis of the available data in electronic form. This is complemented by further developments that allow useful analytics and statistical variables for examining the data from a critical perspective. However, it must be noted that analysis and statistical describe is just one aspect of crime analysis. Hence, crime analysis is aided by both soft and qua ntitative methods of research.The

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