Friday, April 26, 2019

Book Assesment Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Book Assesment tell - Essay ExampleThe book that we are going to analyze is Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond. Latesvology is a model that deals with the impacts of pitch in the society brought about by economical, technological and societal changes. It further examines the dominant views and acceptable variance in the society related to economical or technological changes. Discussion The changing global parsimoniousness has been of concern to the many people in opposite spheres of the global economy since these changes in the global economy have had an effect on the technological and social values within the society. The global world economy has grown tremendously over the years, and thus several(a) firmaments, such as the energy and mining sectors, have grown. However, these industries have experienced growth which has boosted the engineering science sector but has been detrimental to the society in terms of environmental pollution. The grow th in the global economy impacted negatively the society in terms of environmental degradation. This book specifically looks at the progression of society during the past years and explains how economic growth has contributed to the collapse of different societies. ... Regions such as europium grew in the past decades leading to the growth of agriculture, industry, technology and the society. As a result, to support this growth, many societies demanded more of resource allocation to be used in supporting industrial growth in consecrate to accommodate the lifestyles of the society. However, growth in the economical aspect led to growth of industries and technology, and as a result, technology was used in the exploitation of resources. Technology was used in expanding industries as new forms of technology, such as growth in the transport systems paved way for industrial growth. As a means of sustaining the industrial growth and other forms of growth, minerals and other resources b ecame the focal point of the maturement and search of these resources over the long stage of time. Therefore, mining and other activities related to mineral extraction became major economic activities. The book in this slickness compares the race and rate of resource manipulation during the Mayan, Vikings periods as equal to the current rate of resource utilization in the world (Diamond 187). The current global situation is that commodities and resources are the main drivers of the global economy. As a result, resources such as oil, steel and land are regarded as big economical factors in the development of societal life. Moreover, technology also assisted the development of the economical sector in that it was utilized in the process of acquiring resources from the earth easily for consumption. Consequently, the development of technology aided in the growth of the merchandise economy within the business world. As the economy grew, the net effect in the society was the change i n lifestyle and change of the standards of living. People began

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