Monday, March 4, 2019

One Wish

Ever since I played in my first soccer game when I was five, I knew I cute to play professional soccer. I loved the skin senses of running past defenders and scoring a goal. If I had one inclination, it would be to play on the USWNT because I would get to travel to new places, be on Nike commercials and go to the Olympics. To begin with, I have always wanted to travel to new places such as Europe. Imagine, seeing the Alps mountains, and acquiring to play where futbol originated. Another reason is that I would become a kick downstairs player I would learn to be more adaptable to mode change and less sleep.In addition, I would be on Nike commercials For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my pet players, and he has a butt load of Nike gear So, if I became a professional soccer player I could get Nike gear and I could meet Cristiano Ronaldo This leads up to being on T. V. which is one of my top reasons for deficient to be a professional soccer player. People around the solely g lobe would soon learn my name. Additionally, I would have the chance to be on the Olympic roster Imagine, standing on the podium, a fragrance of flowers in your arms, sweat dripping down your face, being awarded a capital medal.Just feeling the weight of the gold medal around your neck, the sense of exploit you feel, the roar fans screaming your name. Thats the feeling I want. While Im playing, knowing I was playing against the best teams in the world. In conclusion, if I had opportunity to have anything I wanted, it would be to play professional soccer because of the Nike commercials, visiting new places, and going to the Olympics. I love playing soccer, and thats why I wished to be on the USWNT. If you had the chance to wish for anything, what would it be?

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