Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hamlet Moral Philosophy Essay

Throughout small town there is a moral conflict in regards to suicide. As the events of the play unfold critical point finds himself pondering whether or not bearing is cost living in such a bedraggled world. Uncertainty keeps hamlet from fireing the pain of life, as well as his desire for revenge on Claudius.Periodically throughout the play Hamlet stops to contemplate his mortality and ending his life. Hamlet does this in his soliloquies, oft about whatever event is happening right then as well as, as is his melancholic nature, thinking about whether life is worth living. In the famous to be, or not to be(3.1.56) speech, Hamlet is literally weighing the options between to be, or to persist, or not to be, to die, and in the end he finds that the uncertainty of destruction makes calamity of so long life(3.1.69). Speeches like this and others throughout the play atomic number 18 prompted by Hamlets distress at all of the conflicts going on around him. These speeches are Ham lets innermost thoughts and so are intended for Hamlet as they are his reflection on the moral conflict he is facing. Hamlets soliloquies reflect his inner conflict as he reflects upon whether or not he should end his life and his suffering or live and continue to suffer through his pain.In Hamlets soliloquy in Act 3 Scene 1, or the to be, or not to be speech, Hamlet uses various rhetorical techniques to judge whether he should live or die. He uses imagery in this speech such as The oppressors wrong, the proud mans contumely (3.1.71) to bedeck the pains which may be felt in the peace of death which he is considering. Hamlet also uses repetition throughout the speech to emphasise his conflict between life and death, particular in reference to sleep as he says To die, to sleep (3.1.60&64), he does this to highlight his uncertainty at the idea of death, or what may be lurking thereafter, what dreams may come(3.1.66). Hamlets perspective on this moral conflict changes as he finds purp ose in his revenge against Claudius and begins to see his plan come to fruition. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet seems to be contemplating suicide whereas at the end, Hamlet wants to live to see his revenge against Claudius completed.

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