Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gateway to the Smokies Essay example -- Observation Essays, Descriptive

Pigeon go, Tennessee, is the Gateway to the smoke-filled Mountains. It is determined approximately 120 miles southwest of the ETSU campus. Pigeon Forge is a highly recognized tourist town with many activities. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee contains many forms of entertainment, such as Dollywood, lodging, and restaurants for the honest student tourists.The entertainment industry is the main reason why Pigeon Forge is such a well-known tourist town. Dollywood is usually the main attraction. Dollywood is an Appalachian theme park that draws in thousands of tourists each year. It is located at the third-year traffic light in Pigeon Forge and to the left. The admission prices vary in the midst of adult and children. Price for an adult admission is $34.25 and for a childrens it is $24.30 (http//www.dollywood.com). If you would resembling to visit Dollywood more frequently, then you evoke purchase a gruntle Pass for $61.85 for an adult or childrens for $46.40 (http//www.dollywood.com). W hen you argon at Dollywood you can withal watch craft workers build random novelties and purchase them. unmatched such craft shop sells glass bottles that you can see make and blown by a glass worker. Also there are live shows throughout the week such as Let the proper Times Roll (http//www.dollywood.com). This is a musical show about the 50s. I did not get to see it but I take hold heard it is really good. Dollywood also houses David Tallent, who performs in a magic and japery show. He was invited to Hollywoods Magic Castle by the academy of Magical Arts, which was a great honor for the magician. There are also dozens of rides such as water, family, thrill, and children rides. Some of the rides are the Thunder Road, and Smoky Mountain Rampage (http//www.dollywood.com). T... ...esides the possible bad food. Pigeon Forge has a commons problem each year, the massive amounts of traffic. It is nearly impossible to get anywhere during the tourist season. The city has been worki ng on the roads though. Hopefully this forget resolve the traffic problem. Also it is kind of difficult to find a parking place if you just want to get out of your gondola car and walk through Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge is an easy city to get to. You withdraw toward Knoxville and take Exit 407 off of I-40. From then on you just determine the signs to the Smoky Mountains. Considering the distance it might be easier and less costly to exploit back to ETSU for the night. The average college student would most likely end up spending more money on lodging than in gas. Overall, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a great tourist town for people that are local to vitamin E Tennessee, such as ETSU students.

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