Monday, March 18, 2019

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The ancient islamic culture has made immense contributions to the unit world and all of its inhabitants.These contributions which are also achievements of the Muslim empire occupy to things such as advancements in science, Mathematics, astronomy, exquisite libraries,medicine, sophisticated encyclopedias, optics, and an extensive interchange routes that stretched for thousands of miles. Luckily for the World the Muslims as a whole managed to achieve atomic number 53 thing after another, and didnt let anything get in there way, and eventually this lead to the vast amount of contributions that the Muslims Bestowed upon to the world. Thanks to the Muslim culture, and achievements their ways keep back had a very profound impact on the way population go about their lives nowa sidereal days. If it wasnt for the Muslims hard work, will to succeed, and perseverance which led to contributions to the world, intent as we know it now would be drastically rearranged, and umpteen of th e things that we shed light on as norms would cease to exist. In the area of math,and science the Muslims made many influential contributions to world. In Science, and in math the Muslims pursued in the number of astronomy. The Muslims really pursued in this topic because for them the calculations for prayer times, pin tailor religious festivals, and the direction of Mecca were paramount, and in the area of astronomy all this feces be efficiently be achieved. So the Muslims had the drive to succeed in order to archive what was nessessary. The most influential, and beneficial, of the Muslim astronomers were men by the physique of Al-Khwarizmi al-Khujandi, and Omar Khayyam. With their hard work and ambitious dreams, these men became the driving force of the enceinte astronomical research. Al-Khwarizmi, a... ...1th century. He compiled many astronomical tables, and more importantly meliorate the calendar. His reformation was more right than the Julian calendaR and came clo se to the Gregorian. in all likelihood his most amazing feat was his calculation of the year which came out to be a near exact 365.24219858156 days long, which is accurate to the 6th quantitative place Omar Khayyam greatly effected the world with his doings, his year calculation to this day is exact, along with his upgrade of the calendar practise the standards of calendar and provided a accurate dates throughout the year. contributions in astronomy range from the Arabic names of stars which we calm use today to knowing the position of the planets.Such great ideas like these were those that set the foundations of the great Islamic empire that ultimately in the end were passed on to the world, and proved to be beneficial.

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