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Computer Software Piracy And Its Impact On The International Economy :: essays research papers fc

Computer bundle program Piracy and its Impact on the International Economy     The PC sedulousness is over twenty years old. In those twenty years,evolving bundle technology brings us faster, more sophisticated, versatile andeasy-to- expenditure products. Business software allows companies to save time, military campaignand money. Educational computer programs t individually basic skills and complicatedsubjects. Home software now includes a wide variety of programs that enhance theusers productivity and creativity. The fabrication is thriving and users stand tobenefit along with the publishers. The SPA (Software Publishers Association)reports that the problem of software theft has grown, and threatens to preventthe development of new software products. Unauthorized duplication of softwareis known as software piracy which is a " federal offense that affects everyone("Software Use..." Internet). The following research examines software piracyin its various forms, its impact on the end user and the international assiduityas a whole, and the progress that has been made in alleviating the problem.     Software piracy harms all software companies and ultimately, the enduser. Piracy results in higher prices for frank users, reduced levels ofsupport and delays in funding and development of new products, make theoverall breadth and quality of software to suffer ("What is... Internet). Eventhe users of outlaw(a) copies suffer from their own illegal actions they receiveno documentation, no guest support and no information about product updates("Software Use..." Internet).      The dust coat Paper says that while virtually every software publisherexpresses anguish about their software from unauthorized duplication, over time, many a(prenominal) have only accepted the so-called "fact" that such duplication isunavoidable. This has created an atmosphere in which softw are piracy is commonlyaccepted as "just another(prenominal) cost of doing business" ("With the Growth..."Internet).     In a brochure published by the SPA it is stated that a major problemarises from the fact that close people do not even know they are rift the law."Because the software industry is relatively new, and because copying softwareis so easy, many people are either unaware of the laws governing software use orchoose to ignore them" ("To replica or not to Copy" Internet).     Robert Perry states that much of the problem of software theft arisesfrom the way the software industry developed. In the past, when a software firmspent millions of dollars to write a program for a mainframe computer, it knewit would sell a handful of copies. It licensed each copy to protect itsownership rights and control the use of each copy. That is easy to do with onlya few copies of a program. It is insurmountable for a software company to handle

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