Thursday, March 14, 2019

Basic Principles Of Democracy :: essays research papers

The join States of America has five prefatory principles which ensure the ability of the country. The basic al-Qaidas fundamental worth, equality of all persons, mass rule minority rights, necessity of compromise, and ividual liberty. This paper reviews three of the five principles absolute majority rule and minority rights, individual freedom, and necessity of compromise. Two of these causal agencys of individual freedom plus majority rule and minority rights the United States has failed to uphold. The third case on individual freedom is an undecided case at this point. The United States must non ignore these ations importance making judicial finality or the stability of the country is at risk.Majority rule and minority rights is a basic foundation of democracy. Ageneral concept of this foundation is that the popular vote will be the decidingparty in most cases. Along with this concept the minority of the people will prevent certain basic human rights that will not be com promised by the popularvote. A challenge to this principle occurred when Asheville City district regulate was voted on many years ago, and unfortunately was passed. The rules andrestrictions that are accompanied by zoning are phenomenal. In many cases thetaxes rise depending on how attribute is zoned. For example, if property is zoned as commercial property the taxes are considerably higher(prenominal) than if property was in a residential area. Consequently the minority here is being punished. More permits must be acquired and plans must be approve before anything can bedone to ones own land. Zoning was voted in by the majority, however theminoritys rights were not completely maintained. stack need to maintaincertain basic rights, and these rights pertain to what they may do to their property. Justification of how the government failed to honor this basic foundation. Individual freedom is by far one of the most historic foundations to ademocracys survival. Individual freedom i s difficult to define, though a general means is illustrated by a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, The right to swing my fist ends where other mans nose begins. Enforcing people to wear their seat hip-hop against their will is an example of how America has failed to secure the one of most important foundation of democracy. People should have the right to choose whether or not they wear their seat belt. The American government and the North Carolina government specifically passed a law which makes all passengers in the front seat, no function what age, wear their safety belts.

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